It’s a trendy topic right now. There is just so much stuff out there. Everyone wants to sell us something, and they want to keep selling it, so they make it quick, cheap and constantly improving, just ever-so slightly… everything is trend-based so in six months you will inevitably be completely bored with your new thing and moving on to the next newer new thing.

This creates unfathomable amounts of waste. First let me say, I am not immune. I mean I do love a gadget. Although I do still have the same cell phone I have had for over 2 years, refusing to upgrade unless it stops working (knock on wood).

It’s just getting a little out of hand. In this world of cheap, disposable everything, what can you do to make a difference?

Buy quality, and buy things to last.

This, admittedly, is really hard. Quality, by definition almost, is expensive! However, I have found a few goodies to help organise your life, improve your dressing table, and do so in a lasting, sustainable way.

Things should be beautiful and functional I think, no reason to sacrifice on either. I have decided I would rather get one really nice thing I can love for a very long time, than tons of cheap stuff to clutter up my life. Here are some goodies I have stumbled upon.

Less & More from Vienna specialise in making organising ‘fun’. They create eco-friendly organisers of all sorts. I am loving their wood makeup organiser and brush holder.

Kabuki Brush Holder Makeup Organizer

Finally, no one says you have to buy something for it to be lasting and of good quality. I love this upcycled 3 tiered serving tray. Think of the goodies just waiting for you at your local charity shop!

Fabulous Upcycled, classy, elegant make up/bathroom organizer

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