I’ve just joined the Bath & Unwind team and it’s the end of my first week. I must say it’s just as lovely here as I imagined it would be. On my first day I was given an amazing welcome by the team. Everyone was so kind and friendly and had even put together a drawer full of product samples for me to take home and try. I used the Caudile Vinosource SOS Serum that night and by the next morning I was already addicted. It somehow transformed my dull, dehydrated skin to velvet, and even my husband noticed a difference.

But it’s not just the people and free samples that make the place so nice. There are gorgeous NEOM candles burning around the office, making the environment very calm and relaxing. And in the kitchen, the coffee machine and Pukka tea selection put some of the best independent coffee houses I know to shame.

So, at the end of my first week I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to be very happy here. Watch this space for more blog posts and musings from me.

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P.s. The link to ‘my husband’…obviously only in my dreams…(sorry Tim!)

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