Double cleansing has become the talk of our offices – which isn’t a surprise as it seems to be the talk of the industry! Do you, don’t know, maybe sometimes? As we have access to a wealth of knowledgeable brands here at Bath & Unwind, we decided to get the low down on the most important part of your beauty routine: cleansing.


Choosing the right cleanser for your skin

When there are so many different cleansing products available it can be a nightmare to choose the right one, or know if there is a particular way of cleansing that is right for you. The most important thing to remember is that there is “no one rule fits all” other than to make sure you do cleanse every day.

“It’s vital to use the right cleanser for your skin type otherwise your skin will spend all day correcting itself instead of beaming with radiance! Using a cleanser that gently exfoliates is a great way to get a super plumped up polish.

– Lisa McCarthy (Head of Brand Education UK & Europe at A’kin)

Why is it so important to cleanse?

It might sound obvious, but cleansing incorrectly or not at all means that build up of dirt and pollutants on your skin will either remain there or be moved around the skin by improper cleansing technique or wipes. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve all turned to a face wipe after a sweaty work out or a really late night, but you shouldn’t rely on them for your daily routine if you want that fresh, glowing look.

“‘Bee Good’ to your skin by giving it a gentle and effective cleanse twice a day; it really is the key to healthy, happy skin. Not only does cleansing remove all the grime, dead skin cells and help to address environmental pollutants, it’s a fantastic way to wake up super sleepy skin and stimulate circulation.”

– Toni Sheppard (MD and Skincare Expert at Bee Good)

Double cleansing explained

“Thorough cleansing is the cornerstone of good skin, without this everything else doesn’t work effectively. I recommend a double cleanse for that professional, deep clean feeling.”

– Mandy Oxley-Swan (Head Facial Therapist at Balance Me)

Let’s ask the question we’ve all been wondering about – but have felt too silly to ask! – does double cleansing mean we repeat our cleansing routine twice? Isn’t cleansing once enough?  Simply put, no, cleansing once isn’t always enough, but the actual answer isn’t that complicated at all. In fact, you’re probably double cleansing already without even knowing it!

The first cleanse is with a product that removes makeup or SPF – the additional layer we add to our skin in the morning or during the day – and the second product – your favourite cleanser – is actually removing impurities from the skin, returning it to its natural state so that any additional products you use will be their most effective.

This means we don’t need to double cleanse in the morning; we simply need to cleanse to refresh and prep the skin for the day ahead then follow with our regular skincare routine. It is only when the evening comes and we have applied that layer of foundation or have had a busy day in the city that we need the additional cleanse.

“Double cleansing is more than just a fad! With makeup being more pigmented and long-wearing your first cleanse needs beneficial oils to efficiently break down pigment. Your second cleanse is then free to deeply treat your true skin type, revealing skin that is brighter and healthier.”

– David Delport (Global Head of Education at REN)


The oily skin myth

If you have oily skin, the temptation is to strip away the excess oils. The problem with this method is that it actually tricks the skin into thinking it has become depleted and so it works overtime to produce even more oil, resulting in breakouts. The best way to cleanse oily skin is actually with an oily cleanser. We know this sounds hard to believe, but if you give your skin what it needs, it won’t need to produce as much oil, so you can replace blemishes with balance.

“Cleansing balms are actually suitable for ALL skin types despite the common beauty myth that those with oily complexions can’t use an oily cleanser. The essential oils actually work by re-conditioning, restoring and balancing the skin, preventing the skin from drying out and therefore producing excess oils.”

– Katie Gray (Global Head Facialist at Emma Hardie)

“Using oil to combat oiliness really works! Instead of stripping the skin (which often results in an overreaction of excess sebum) balm cleansers work by removing grime and impurities, whilst balancing the skin’s natural oil production. Likewise natural balm cleansers are gentler for sensitive or dry skin types too.”

 Charlie Fowler (Creative and Managing Director at MOA)

Three simple ways to improve your cleanse

  • The great news is that the way to improve your cleansing routine is incredibly easy.  If previously you were only cleansing your face once a day or even just washing with water, now commit to cleansing twice daily.
  • Apply the cleanser correctly by making sure you really touch and massage the product in rather than just wiping it over the face – and then think about double cleansing.
  • Remember, it’s not a mystery! If it’s the morning, use your cleanser to prep your skin for the day ahead. By the evening, it’s time to double cleanse – firstly with your make up remover of choice and then with your cleanser, to restore the skin to its natural state. Voila!



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