If you are having problems sleeping you first need to work out if you need help either Getting to Sleep or Staying Asleep?!?!

Here we look at the 2 Award Winning Pillow Sprays from Sleep Experts this Works to help you work out which one is right for your to drift off into a peaceful slumber or stay in dreamland for longer.

Shop the products in their post

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray


  1. I was somewhat sceptical about these sleep products to begin with, but evidence suggests that they actually work. It can be frustrating not to be able to sleep, but it also means we’re not paying attention to our surroundings, or thinking of real solutions which can help. My hope is that these products are not too wet, seeing as they are sprays – that would be so uncomfortable.

  2. Though I don’t try pillow spray but this product is interesting. I think I need this. Thanks for the post.

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