We have all heard the phrase sensitive skin and there are many beauty products on the market specifically designed for sensitive skin.

But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin:

Our skin barrier should keep things that irritate the skin way, acting like a shield. For this to work our skin must contain the correct amount of moisture. Our skin is exposed to UV light, temperature changes, chemicals and water. This can dry out and even weaken the barrier. Some of us are not even aware that we have sensitive skin, we just blame the weather and continue using the incorrect products.

Here are some of the symptoms of having sensitive skin:

    • Blotchy patches
    • Redness
    • Spots
    • Broken capillaries
    • Itchy/burning/tingling
    • Dryness or flaking
    • Touch sensitive
    • Rashes
    • Reactive to most products you use
    • Rashes or sensitivity after shaving
    • Sensitivity to weather changes
    • Skin bumps
  • Tendency to be flushed or blush easily

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    Find inner peace with our sensitive skin products

1.Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

In at number one on our skin saving top ten is Burt’s Bees and one of their many fantastic products. This all natural pack of towelettes are sure to remove your make-up and leave your skin feeling loved and moisturised. I have very sensitive skin and I am always scared of putting anything near my face unless I have tested it behind closed doors first, let’s just say there has been some unsightly rashes in the past. Having built up a trust in Burt’s Bees products I knew these would be safe to use as the towelettes only contains cotton extract, rice extract and aloe vera. They work a dream, my skin feels instantly soft and silky, any oil based makeup is removed swiftly and without vigorous rubbing. I highly recommend these wipes for all you sensitive beauties.

Cheryl from Thatcham says These are really gentle, the cloths are soft and don’t dry out my skin. I’m prone to redness and these haven’t made it flare up”

2. Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash

Nothing says cleansing like chamomile, thyme and Lady’s mantle. Elemis making an appearance at number two with their very popular and trusty sensitive cleansing wash. Not only is it packaged in a beautiful bottle; which by the way would look amazing sitting pride of place in the shower. Elemis have combined their gentle ingredients to ensure a deep antibacterial cleanse whilst hydrating the skin simultaneously.

Lots of our customers have a high respect for Elemis products and this definitely draws a crowd.

Kaylea from Leeming says Have used this cleansing wash for 3 years now. Love it! As someone with sensitive skin it really is a dream”

3. Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

Another makeup remover making the list, this one is closer to a cleanser that we all know and love, using a cotton wool pad or cotton cloth apply some drops and gently wipe the face in a circular motion.

If you are like me, the first thing you do when you get home after a long day is take off your make up and flaunt that natural beauty. It can however, be very difficult to find a Cleanser that is gentle enough on sensitive skin. Especially if you use a high coverage/pigmented foundation and mascara that then require vigorous scrubbing to remove. Against all odds Caudalie clearly crafted this marvel cleanser.

Kathryn from Sawbridgeworth says “Refreshing and easy, removes all makeup without a separate cleanser and toner. Love it!”

4. Pommade Divine Nature’s Remedy Balm

Working in the customer service department for Bath & Unwind, I speak to international customers and they absolutely love this product! It is the most diverse cream I have seen on the market, just reading through the many reviews we have received I can see people are crazy for this stuff!

This remedy balm is a multi use treatment that is suitable for the whole family, combining the ingredients to help heal and cure inflammation, minor burns, cuts, bites and nappy rash, all whilst ensuring it is suitable for you all sensitive souls.

Available in two sizes means you can have a family size pot in the bathroom and a travel size in your handbag for all those minor emergencies.

Uma from Michigan says “This truly is an all purpose balm. I use it nightly on my baby’s skin as she gets drool rash because of teething. When she wakes in the morning her skin is soft, smooth and free of any rash. This pot smells divine and I can’t help using some on my lips every time. A diaper bag must have.”

5. Phyto PhytoApaisant Shampoo For Sensitive Scalps

In some cases, if you suffer with sensitive skin, you may also experience a sensitive scalp. You just may think you have head lice or have just been sweating. However it is more likely to be a sensitivity, because after all your scalp is skin. Phyto have created the perfect product, to sooth and cleanse the scalp whilst washing your hair as usual.

PhytoApaisant contains a high concentration of Progenium. Yes, I didn’t know what this overly scientific statement actually meant either. It basically means, it has an intelligent treatment formula to protect and balance the the scalp.

So if you are itching your scalp more than usual make sure you treat it, just by using the a simple application shampooing treatment like this one.

A delighted beauty lover says “I have suffered from an irritated scalp for many years and have tried just about every product on the market. This shampoo has finally put a stop to this and it has changed my life!”

Lemons are a fantastic natural remedy for reducing inflammation and redness

6. Green People Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover

It wouldn’t be a top ten for sensitive skin without Green People making an appearance. Green People were one of the first organic skin care brands to make an appearance, many years before it was a trend to be using the most organic products on the market. From then on Green People continued to grow and adapt the brand and created products for the whole family.

In particular the Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover, does exactly what is says on the tin, removing all makeup, even waterproof mascara, all whilst cleansing the the skin in the only way Green People know how, Green!

Apply to the face using your fingers and remove using a cotton pad or wash off with warm water. It is simple and will last for a long time, some customers have told me it has lasted them up to 6 months.

Did you know? Charlotte Vohtz went searching for an organic and natural skin care product when her daughter was battling multiple skin allergies. She searched high and low, but much to her disappointment there was nothing natural and organic that didn’t contain synthetic ingredients on the market. After years of research, in 1997 Green people was established.

 7.Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Hemp Unscented Baby-Mild Pure-Castile Soap

In at number seven, this multi tasking, cruelty free and family friendly super star is a must have at home. This is natural, unscented, suitable for sensitivity, baby friendly and can be used to clean anything, from your teeth to your weekly washing load. So it is no surprise that it is hugely popular world wide. So if you like an all round product for when you run out of toothpaste, someone in the house used up the last or the shower gel or you realise there is no washing powder when you run out of underwear, then you definitely need this in your life. Especially if your have sensitive skin.

Angela from Shropshire says “Excellent all round multi-tasker. I use it to wash hair, hands, body….and more.”

8. Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

When I was a teenager I never struggled with blemishing or sensitive skin. However when I hit my twenties I started suffering with sensitivity on my cheeks and forehead. Using products that were not suitable for my newly sensitive complexion brought me out in some horrendous rashes including one so bad I was rushed to hospital.

Something needed to be done, so I started looking for something to treat the redness on my face and protect it against everyday pollution such as fumes, smoke and dust. When I stumbled across Ren and there Daily Protection Cream, it changed everything. The blemish and redness began to fade and my skin did not feel tight and sore anymore.

What makes it even better is that the cream is not sticky,  and it doesn’t leave a residue on the face. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin living in a big city where the air pollution is more intense.

Cheryl from Thatcham says “So soothing and moisturising! Really helps with my rosacea.”

9. Bloom and Blossom Gentle Scalp Oil

Back to that itchy scalp now and this little number will continue to treat the scalp after washing and is also good for soothing dry and sensitive skin including eczema. This all round oil is also perfect for cradle cap, as it is made of 100% natural plant oils it is safe to use on babies too. The active ingredient Bladderwrack is what makes this work wonders, the sea plant contains varied amounts of iodine and works to treat the skin naturally and with a high success rate. Bladderwrack is used to treat thyroid conditions too!

If you are using it on for a scalp condition, simply apply to the roots and massage through the lengths, whilst wet comb through. This will remove dead skin cells. For cradle cap, using a cotton bud, gently massage the oil onto the affected area.

Did you know? Scalp condition effect 7.5 million people every year. So there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Here in  the UK, when summertime begins we are always quick to put on our shorts and soak up all the sun, sometimes without the correct sun protection which as we all know is extremely dangerous and increases the chances of skin cancer.

If you have sensitive, fair skin it is so important that your are using a high factor sunscreen as sun rays can increase the sensitivity and cause serious damage. Phytomer SPF30 is the perfect solutions for particularly sensitive areas including the face. It goes on so easily and does not feel sticky and clammy like other sunscreens.I really recommend this for all year round protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Remember, the sun can cause damage even when covered by clouds. For you sensitive soles that are extra vigilant with skin protection, apply daily to your skin before applying makeup.

Sandra from Netanya says “Love Phytomer products and the sunscreen protects the face well and allows the skin to breath. Good for sensitive skin”

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Many of our brands have a sensitive skin range

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