If you are anything like us, the first sign of sun and you are throwing on the first pair of shorts you can find and grabbing the best spot to catch some rays.  In all the excitement we don’t always think about the health risks and dangers involved in sitting in the sun all day.

There are hundreds of sun care products on the market all claiming to be the best. This is all well and good, but finding the right one to suit your skin type and protecting you and your family can be a lot harder to come by.

This top ten will hopefully make you more aware of the risks, how to ensure you are safe and most importantly still enjoy the summer.

Here are some of the affects and damages UV rays can cause without the correct protection:

    • Erythema (sunburn)
    • Premature ageing of the skin
    • Suppression of the immune system
    • Eye damage
    • Skin cancer
    • Dry skin
    • pigmentation and scarring
  • Sun stroke

Top Ten for Bath & Unwind 2017

Before we begin this top ten we thought we should just explain SPF and what is actually means. Sunscreens are commonly rated and labelled with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that measures the fraction of sunburn-producing UV rays that reach the skin. For example, “SPF 15” means that 1/15th of the burning radiation reaches the skin through the recommended thickness of sunscreen. A bit scientific, but you get the general idea, generally the hotter it is, the higher SPF!

1. Thalgo Age Defence Sun Cream SPF50

Hitting off the top ten we have Thalgo taking care of those ageing hot spots, face and décolleté with their Age Defence Sun Cream. This can be used all over the body, but Thalgos main aim is to focus on those areas that go south first, whilst tightening and creating a sun block this will protect, slow down the ageing progress and protect you whilst soaking up the sun.

My Aunt recently took a trip to the south of France and I gave her a sample of this product to try whilst joining the heat. She came back with exciting feedback, she loved it! She only managed to use it a couple of days as it was only a sample size. Nevertheless is was the best two days she had, as she felt safe out in the sun and not constantly needing to top up with more sunscreen, she went on to say that due to the marine ingredients, it felt cooling and refreshing which lasted the whole day. I was so happy that she felt the difference in using this product!

Did you know? Thalgo is an established company based in France that employ their own Marine Biologists, that discover new algaes to use in their vast range of products. The entire production from sourcing ingredients to packaged products happens in the same location. Amazing!

2. Green People Facial Sun Cream Scent Free SPF30

Green People were sure to make the list with some sort of magical natural, organic sun protection and it is fantastic! 

We hate the generic sunscreen scent, it lingers and is not the most attractive. So to have a scent free sunscreen on the market is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Even better it is also perfect for children.

As it is made of natural ingredients it will not dry out the skin, will not leave streaks or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Another factor is that it is lightweight enough to wear under make up too! This is really important to keep in your mind as not all foundations contain SPF.

A thrilled beauty insider says “My favourite facial sunblock for the moment. Goes on a bit thick but feels comfortable on the face. I feel protected in the sun with this on but also gives just enough moisture”

3. Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil Face & Body SPF10

For the more intense tanner, this tanning oil with a low SPF10 is sure to increase the ultimate summer glow.

Oil and heat are not exactly a match made in heaven and can come with some health risks. The SPF is very low so it does not protect the skin from UVA and UVA rays as much as a higher factor. This is ideal for a short time is the sun, or even applied early evening after a day out in the sun, to give a beautiful glimmering glow to your healthy tan. It is very hydrating and will not dry out the skin.

If you have a paler skin, it is best to opt for a higher SPF.

Suzanne from Kuala Lumpur says “Not burnt, even and very nice tan, i feel that it protects my skin, and it smells so good!”

4. Elizabeth Arden Sun Defence Stick SPF50

Open up your hand bags and get ready to throw one of these in! A must have for the beach bag, bum bag and hand bag.

No matter how hard we try the cover ourselves in sunscreen, we will always miss those areas on our face that seem to just attract the sun and make us look like a drumstick lolly. Well say good bye to embarrassing mark patches as this defence stick will save your dignity.

We would describe this as a lip salve for your face, the packaging is the same and you apply it the same way and it really does work! it can be easily rolled it onto the nose, ears and forehead. Use this on your parting to stop sun damage to the scalp.

Sungya from Diamond Bar says “Second time to buy this item. easy and convenient to use, and not oily when I put on my face”

5. Badger Balm Unscented Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream SPF30 

This sunscreen is massively popular during the summer months, as the new natural/organic craze sweeps the nations.

Most sunscreens contain the ingredients oxybenzone and avobenzone which are harsh chemicals that act as a barrier from UVA and UVB rays. However, more recently beauty brands have starting using a less harsh ingredient, zinc oxide and it works really well!

Our customer service department, take lots of phone calls from parents asking for the best sunscreen for their children and this is always the go to product because of its all round goodness and natural ingredients.

Did you know? Zinc oxide in its physical form was used as a sunscreen in the 1920’s

If you are out in the sun , get out the sunscreen.

6. Green People Organic Scent Free Children Sun Lotion SPF30

Linking up with our number 2 on the list, Green People are definitely impressing the whole family with their Scent Free Children Sun Lotion.

Keeping to the same formulation and morals as the facial sun lotion, this is specially designed for children with sensitive skin and are are prone to prickly heat. This is another highly recommended product as is again, scent free and will not irritate a child’s skin.

Just be aware, this is not a water proof sunscreen, so make sure your child is applied with this cream regularly and always after swimming.

Julie from Bristol says “I wouldn’t use anything else on my children! they hate the smell of sun cream. so this is perfect for them all year round”

7. Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30

Yes! Emma Hardie fan club right here at Bath & Unwind HQ. we personally have a small collection of Emma Hardie products, including this one. What is actually better than a moisturiser/primer/sun protector with SPF? No, nothing is better. Buy it, love it and tell your friends!

…sorry too much.

Information blog head on now, this product is actually very clever. The particles in the cream diffuse into the skin and reduce fine lines and larger pores. We use it every morning before applying make up and it helps make up stay looking fresh and intact all day long. We noticed the difference after just a couple of days, plus the bottle looks beautiful on our bathroom shelves.

Louise at B&U says “I really like the product, you don’t need a lot. Face feels moisturised all day. I’m not keen on the smell as it is quite strong, but it fades quickly so it’s not really an issue”

8. Jason Family Sunscreen SPF45

Jason were always going to make an appearance on this top ten. They create just genius products and sunscreen is a highlight.

First of all, it has a high SPF so it is perfect for summer holidays with the whole family. We know lots of people that swear by Jason and love this sunscreen and we can totally see why. Free from parabens and sodium sulphate it is so soothing on the skin and to top it off, it is suitable for vegetarians.

Natasha from Lincolnshire says ” I love this sun lotion, best I’ve ever tried”

9. Margaret Dabbs Sun Defence For Hands SPF30

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and more prone to sun damage. So it is important to ensure your hands are well nourished and protected from the sun.

When you get sun cream on your hands, it always feels sticky and then dries your hands out. This is not ideal. So having a sunscreen designed for your hands is a must as you get older.

Margaret Dabbs itself focuses very much on the hands and feet and they most certainly do not fall at this hurdle. They created an easy to use spray that starts working in just a few minutes. We’ve had such great customer feedback on this!

Did you know? The key super ingredient, around which the Margaret Dabbs products are based, is Australian emu oil, renowned for its incredible healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, Emu Oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

10. Korres Yogurt Cooling After Sun Gel

We thought a nice way to round up this top ten was with an after sun product. We have chosen Korres After Sun Gel because I think it does an exceptional job.

It is always the most amazing feeling when you apply after sun… well after you have been in the sun. The beautiful thing about this particular product is that the cooling, refreshing feeling stays longer than another after sun product. It can be applied to the face and body meaning it is perfect after a cooling shower.

A lot of customers recommend keeping it in the fridge for ultimate cooling potential.

Julia from North Somerset says “As with most Korres products, the yogurt cooling after sun exceeded my expectations. I took a bit of a risk by bringing it as my only after sun on a recent holiday trip, but it did not disappoint. Very cooling after a full day in the sun. Added bonus is its fairly subtle, fresh scent and non-greasy application”

Your child’s skin is delicate, make sure they are well covered before having fun in the sun

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