• Brand Name: Thalgo Pronounced “Tal-go”
  • Founded: South of France in 1968 by pharmacist, Andre Bouclet
  • What makes them special: The beautiful thing about Thalgo is that all their product development happens in the same marine centre in the South of France. Using all natural algae and thalassa, not adding any artificial colours and preservatives. Their products really bring the seaside to your home.
  • Ingredient information:

Thalassa- Simply, thalassa is the Greek word for sea. Thalgos message to their clients is “When you smell the sea, it takes you back to your childhood. The excitement when you see the sea first and how it feels on your skin” and it is extremely beneficial to the skin reducing pores and revitalising the skin.

Algae- More commonly know as seaweed, algae is the foundation of Thalgo products and there are hundreds to different species used in the products. Thalgo marine biologists have discovered 18 different algaes.

“Today, Thalgo is considered a pioneer in Thalassotherapy, and the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics”

The story behind Thalgo

Since 1964 laboratories have been researching and creating marine products for spa and beauty. Each Thalgo product is a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer professional excellence to every woman in the world.

Created from the sea, Thalgo has a duty to minimise its ecological footprint. This philosophy positions Thalgo as the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.

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Bring the sea scent to your bathroom and drift away to a desert island.

More you those hero products

Micronized Marine Algae 

As one of Thalgos hero products, it must be amazing. Confirmed by the Bath & Unwind team.

This powders ultimate aim is to revitalise the skin and help boost the immune system. Now, anything that is going to boost the immune system which in other words means, to help with weight loss …there is a price to pay.

Thalgo strongly believe is their philosophy that adding colouring and artificial scents ruin the product and doesn’t give clients the full spa experience using marine life. Therefore, if you haven’t had a summer holiday this year. This is sure to bring the seaside aromas to your bathroom. It is a strong scent so is not for the sensitive nosed types, but if it works, who are we to complain!

Top Tip- use a small amount of the powder and mix with water to create a thick paste and use as a revitalising face mask. Genius!

Plasmalg Gel

Like ying and yang, Plasmalg gel and micronized marine algae work in total harmony. Plasmalg gel is a pre treatment to activate the skin and open the pores.

Do not fear, this does not smell of the ocean, salty yes, but it is refreshing and cooling. By applying this all over the body this is if nothing else a fab way to cool down after a hot day.

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