There are many beauty rules; do’s, don’ts, should’s and shouldn’ts.  Stopping the bad habits in your beauty regime can have more impact than anything else. Here are our Top 10 beauty habits that you must please stop doing:-

1. Do Not Share Eye Products

Mascara, liners, eye cream, anything with anyone else. Your eyes are so sensitive and sharing products will spread bacteria, which will make your eyes prone to infections.

Some of the gorgeous eye products available on Bath & Unwind from; Zelens, Eye of Horus, Antipodes, Korres, Smith & Cult,  Elemental Herbology and Jane Iredale

2. Do Not Go Heavy on your Eyes and Lips

Choose one, not both. When you are going for a makeup look, stick to this rule; if you have gone for a heavy look on the eye, go light or natural on the lip, and if you’ve gone for a bright bold lipstick then go subtle on your eyes. This is an age old rule, and going heavy on both is often too much.

3. Never Go to Bed with your Makeup on

We’ve all done it, and we know we shouldn’t. Make the time to take off your makeup and cleanse your face properly. This is one of the main causes for skin issues, especially blemishes and spots.

Carla, Graphic Designer at Bath & Unwind “It is my one beauty MUST, I always take my makeup before I go to bed if nothing else.”

4. Do Clean Your Brushes Regularly

This one is particularly relevant to your foundation brush, think how regularly you use it, and with every use the build up of dirt. Wash it at least once a week. A brush that is often forgotten about is your hairbrush, clear out your old hair regularly, think of all the dirt your hair builds up and collects and putting that onto clean hair, only undoes your good work. Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Green Tea Pure-Castile Soap is great as a brush cleaner

5.  Do Replace Your Products Regularly

Beauty products should be used within a period of time, either because their effectiveness will decrease over time, or their ingredients will become affected by what they are exposed to (sunlight, bacteria, heat etc.) and become harmful to you. Use our handy guide to find out the shelf lives, click here. 

6. Do Not Replace or Skip A Step in Your Moisturising Routine

Don’t replace your moisturiser with a serum or vice versa.  Know the rules and benefits of the most beneficial way to mouisturise your face. The rule is build up, the heaviest part of your moisturising routine is last. It goes… 1. Tone 2. Serum 3. Moisturise. A Toner technically still part of the cleansing regime, closes pores after cleansing. A serum works deeper in the skin to tackle issues not on the surface it must be applied before a moisturiser and not instead of it has a different job to moisturise. Then a moisturiser which is self explanatory. You can add on a primer on top which works as a solid base to hold your make up on, again a good primer will be thick, thicker than your moisturiser. Build up!

7. Do Not Apply Oils, Masks or Treatments to The Root of Your Hair 

If your hair is feeling a little dry and you want to add some extra hydration, whether it’s onto washed damp hair, or dry hair a few days after washing; add your product just to the ends. The natural weight of your hair and its natural oils produced at the root will work on the top of your hair. It is your ends that don’t get the nourishment or is in fact dead hair. This is the area you need to apply oils, treatments and masks to. It is only really dry hair that may need a little help at the root. Always work from the ends up. The opposite to cleansing/ shampooing your hair, which is to work from the root down. Try Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, it is great for dry hair, and can also be used on your skin, so you’ll get more from it.

8. Do Not Match Your Foundation to Your Face Colour, Do Match it to Your Neck Colour

Some people’s facial tone can be very different to the rest of their skin tone; paler, redder, freckled, whatever it is to get the most natural and flawless effect from a foundation or tinted moisturiser match it to your neck colour.  Blended into your neck your skin tone will look more even and avoid one of the worst beauty faux pas of an obvious line between your face and neck, highlighting two very different colours.

A must try foundation… Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation 

9. Do Wear SPF

Our faces are exposed to sunlight everyday, somedays not for long or not so bright. But SPF is for everyday not just your 2 week holiday.  Applying suncream everyday is unnecessary, most moisturisers or foundations will have an SPF in these days, check yours. You will especially need SPF on your face after using a chemical based exfoliator or treatment.

Did you know? SPF not only protects us from UV rays, but also stops skin discolouring and prevents the development of wrinkles. 

10. Do Cut Your Hair Regularly

The age old saying of cutting your hair more regularly will help it grow, does have some truth. If you don’t cut it regularly, the weight and age from the middle to the ends of your hair will cause breakages, causing different lengths in your hair, making it less fuller and less healthy. Cutting it more often will mean less breakages and healthier ends, making the growth stronger.  Not cutting your hair is actually counter-productive for hair growth. The healthier the whole length of your hair can be, the better the growth, as it has more strength throughout, and will therefore live longer, weaker older hair that isn’t trimmed will split or break.

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