• Brand Name: Scottish Fine Soaps
  • Founded: In Scotland in 1974 by Derek Ross
  • What makes them special? A proud family business spanning 5 decades and 2 generations (so far). They create and pride themselves on the quality of their collections in bath, body, hand and of course, soap products.  Derek Ross and his son Robert Ross use the best natural ingredients and contemporary Scottish style as their inspiration to create their unique collections.  Renowned for their contemporary designed packaging’s twist on classics, their soap tins are the perfect example of how they combine great design and quality products!

“We’ve built an international reputation for the quality and consistency of our collections. Yet we’re proud to remain a Scottish, family-owned business that still creates all our products on site by a 40-strong team at our factory in the Ochil Hills, Scotland. Beauty trends may have changed over the decades but not our commitment to crafting products of the highest quality; developed, tested and made in Scotland.” – Robert Ross (Group Managing Director of The Scottish Fine Soaps Company) 

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company’s Soap Tin with Willow & Bluebell Soap Bar.

Hero Products

 Anything Au Lait. The range is exactly how it sounds, or how it translates we should say ‘with milk’, all the products are infused with creamy organic milk extracts.   The soap bars are a bestseller and are a gorgeous indulgent cleansing treat.  They are enriched with revitalising shea butter and milk glycerides. The Bath Powder is pretty special too it has creamy white bubbles, in a stunning milk churn packaging, it makes a lovely statement piece for your bathroom.

“The thing about Au Lait is that while it’s got a scent, it doesn’t tax the senses – sometimes you get a mighty blast of power-perfume that makes relaxing a bit hectic quite frankly – this one is the ultimate soothing fragrance” – Britishbeautyblogger.co.uk

Pictured; Au Lait Soap Bar. The range is filled with creamy, organic milk extracts.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Men’s Grooming Range is takes a modern and stylish twist on the classic products that men’s grooming regimes have somewhat left behind. Scented with thistle and black pepper this masculine and mature range is ideal for any man.

Men’s Grooming Range Facial Wash

The Sea Kelp Hand Wash, should be a sink staple for all; hydrating and cleansing, with a fresh and invigorating scent.

Did you Know? 

With the word soap in their name, it’s no surprise that they produce some of the best bars of soaps in the world. In recent years the fashion has been to use liquid hand wash/soap, but bars of soaps are becoming increasingly popular again. The Scottish Fine Soaps Company produce triple milled soaps, a technique you may have heard of before. But what does triple milled mean? Triple milling is a manufacturing process to produce the highest quality of soaps. This process was developed in the 18th century by the French. For a soap to be triple milled, they have to be press and roll the soap pearls three or more times to create a paste. Soap makers then place the paste into soap molds and allow it to harden. Fragrances and natural colouring’s, which are added after the initial milling, become evenly and thoroughly distributed during subsequent milling procedures. A triple milled soap goes through this process three times before it is formed into cakes of soap. Because it is a lengthy process you will find many bars of soaps are not produced this way, and loose out on the quality that The Scottish Fine Soaps Company’s soaps have.

FACT – the main reason people opt for liquid soaps these days, is because they are meant to be more hygienic. However studies now show they aren’t, in fact the fact that a bar of soap is also washed with every use, reduces the bacteria it may carry.  A quality bar of soap,  will have less chemicals than a liquid wash, and for your hands is generally more hydrating. If you haven’t use a bar soap in a while, why don’t you give one a go.

You can shop The Scottish Fine Soap Company at Bath & Unwind. 

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