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9 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep from the Sleep Expert Brand ‘This Works’

1. Bedtime Ritual

Try to create a night time ritual including going to bed and waking-up at the same time (yes even on the weekends) to keep your circadian rhythms in order

2. Evening Indulgence

Avoid consuming alcohol after 9pm, which can interfere with sleep patterns. Same goes for late night snacking, especially sweets and stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine

3. Take a Bath

A warm evening bath with This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak is a great way to unwind, however avoid very hot water. Your body rhythms want cooler temperatures in the evening.

4. Chill Out

Ensure your bedroom temperature is cooler than the day time, 18 degrees – 20 degrees Celsius is optimal.

5. Get Shady

Keep your bedroom environment dark for the best sleep. Room darkening shades and curtains, or a sleep mask can prevent light from signalling your brain to wake up

6. Quiet Zone

Noise can disrupt sleep, so eliminate environmental noise as much as possible at bedtime.

7. Device Detox

At least an hour before bed, PUT YOUR DEVICES AWAY! Blue light emitted by smart phones and other devices affects melatonin production which regulated sleep and wake up patterns

8. And Breathe….

Use proven, tested aromatherapy solutions such as This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help reduce sleep anxiety and create a calm tranquil night time environment.

9. Napping

If you don’t get a full night’s sleep, during the day set aside time to power nap to compensate for lost sleep

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