The award winning sleep experts This Works have launched a range of products aimed at making sure your wake up routine has your skin looking and feeling its best. This range is Morning Expert. Here they discuss ways to prepare to wake up feeling refreshed and start your day in the best possible way.

This Works Morning Expert (L to R)
Multi Acid Pads, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Open Eyes, Vitamin C Power Mask

Morning breakouts?

Use Morning Expert Multi Acid Pads with multi-fruit and Azelaic Acid, treatment to help counter morning breakouts and perk up dull -looking skin.

Tired eyes?

Glide on Morning Expert Open Eyes with anti-blue light support, and giant kelp and persian silk tree extract to help de-puff, detoxify and brighten eyes on waking.

Dehydrated skin?

Apply Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum, a plumping 2% Hyaluronic Acid complex with vitamin C to help hydrate and brighten tired looking skin.

Dull skin?

Boost your routine with Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask, an invigorating exfoliating balm with 10% vitamin C and Jojoba to smooth, cleanse and citalise last-luster skin

Can’t wake up?

Instantly boost alertness with Morning Expert Wake Up Drops, an anti-fatigue blend of 100% natural peppermint, Lavandin & Rosemary essential oils, to help sharpen focus and boost morning motivation.

This Works Morning Expert Range

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Proper sleep makes waking up easier. This Works sleep solutions are        clinically proven to enhance sleep quality, no matter what your sleep concern.

2. Avoid waking up suddenly  

Avoid using a loud alarm which jolts you out of sleep, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Instead, wake-up well with an alarm sound which gradually takes you from a deep sleep to wakefulness.

3. Dreamy wake up  

start your day more relaxed by waking-up during a dream Train yourself to do this by adjusting your bedtime and wake-up time to REM cycles, which happen about every 60 minutes.

4. Rehydrate

Drink a tall glass of water upon waking to combat overnight water loss (due to sweating, mouth breathing, snoring, and pre-sleep alcohol or dessert consumption). If you sleep less than 6 hours, you are prone to hydrate.

5. Burn off cortisol

It’s good to burn of cortisol, which rises in the morning, to prevent being in ‘stress response’ mode going into your day. However, avoid losing sleep in order to exercise.

6. Be kind to your bowel

Emptying your bowel in the morning rids the body of waste reduces bloating and helps to improve mood (because water in the gut can trigger anxiety and negativity due to nerve connections between the gut and the brain).

7. Delay breakfast

Wait an hour or later after waking to have breakfast so your body is awake and ready to process food energy and nutrients.

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