Natural Deodorants are the Future

Natural deodorants are becoming increasingly popular and these are the reasons why lots of people are choosing to switch:

  1. Traditional deodorants contain aluminium salts. These can block pores and stop the body from releasing sweat.
  2. Natural deodorants can reduce painful irritation under the arms. They keep the natural bacteria working, meaning less odour even when you’re not wearing any deodorant.

Sweat itself does not actually smell. The chemical reaction between sweat and natural bacteria is what creates the unpleasant scent we know best as “BO”. Luckily natural deodorants have the technology to control the bacteria and therefore reducing the smell.

By going natural, you will gain other benefits too! Plant based moisturising ingredients such as bamboo powder and patchouli oil will actively treat your underarms. This is very important to keep the skin soft and delicate.

An irritation-free armpit will result in a closer and longer lasting shave, which is a beauty win for the summer months!

Top picks for natural deodorant:

1. Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose & Geranium Roll on Deodorant

  • Contains moisture absorbing bamboo powder
  • Organic essential oils of rose & geranium
  • Suitable for vegans
24 hours of protection against odour and perspiration is appealing to any buyers, however make it 100% natural and it becomes elite.  Using only the power of Shikimic acid (found in plants) and moisture absorbing bamboo powder it keeps us smelling delightful.

Organic essential oils of rose and geranium lend their scents for a beautiful floral fragrance.

2. A’kin Natural Deodorant Spray

  • Handpicked natural ingredients
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Vegan friendly

Blended with geranium, deadwood and patchouli oil. These ingredients are carefully selected for their deodorising properties. Bottled in a non-aerosol spray bottle for easy and direct application. How could you not switch?

Akin’s natural deodorant neutralises unwanted odours with just one light spritz. This leaves under arms feeling clean and comfortable with a delicate and refreshing scent.

Formulated without aluminium salts or zinc, A’kin use natural odour control technology to keep you staying fresh and feeling confident all day long.

3. Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant

  • Award winning
  • Superfine powdered plant based
  • Bursting with essential oils

This rich cream-to-powder formula contains superfine powdered plant based botanicals. They work to absorb your natural perspiration throughout the day.

Aurelia as a brand that are passionate about using only the best ingredients. Using scientifically-proven findings to ensure our skin is protected and kept moisturised, no matter what your skin type.

This magical cream-to-powder formulation contains no unnecessary hardeners or waxes. Truly amazing stuff!

4. Jason Nourishing Apricot Pure Natural Deodorant Stick

  • Household name
  • Zesty scents
  • Easy roller applicator

Some of us might find it difficult to adjust from an easy to use spray to using your fingers to apply some natural deodorant. We understand that and luckily so do Jason!

This easy roll on natural deodorant is not indifferent to many other applicators available. The big difference is the natural, soothing and added vitamins, which will help protect and keep your underarms feeling smooth.

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There are so many reason to switch to a natural deodorant. So what you waiting for? shop the products in this article:

  1. Rose & Geranium Roll on Deodorant
  2. Natural Deodorant Spray
  3. Botanical Cream Deodorant
  4. Nourishing Apricot Pure Natural Deodorant Stick

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