SACHAJUAN (written in all capitals as per brand requirements) is a delightfully simple Swedish solution to all the woes of summer: dry hair, sun damage and changing climates taking the shine out of your well managed tresses. 

SACHAJUAN ‘s range of products containing Ocean Silk Technology. Also how beautiful is this packaging!

Curls, Frizz and Out of Control Hair 

Hands up if your hair is looking a little out of control with the summer humidity and heat (our hands are firmly in the air)

Then it’s time to turn them back into sleek bouncy curls, look no further than beginning your cleansing regime with SACHAJUAN’s Curl Shampoo. Formulated with Ocean Silk Technology and wheat protein to nourish the curl cuticle to build strength and shine. 

Team with SACHAJUAN’s Curl Conditioner to offer beautiful nourishment and definition to every curl. The formula builds strength and shine and the formula boasts Ocean Silk Curl Complex to refine each curl. This conditioner is a wash regime must-have and nourishes the hair to create soft curls which last.  

For everyday smooth curls, no matter how humid, use SACHAJUAN’s Styling Cream. This gently scented cream helps smooth the curl and offers heat protection too. If you fancy a change, you can also blow dry your hair straight with this hair regime wonder product! 

Dry, Sun Damaged Hair 

It’s not just not your skin that experiences negative effects from too much time in the sun, it’s your hair too! So make sure you’re using SACHAJUAN’s Hair In the Sun to protect against sun damage and UV filters and SAHCAJAUN’s Hair After the Sun a lightweight cream which highly conditions and restores shine after exposure to sunlight. After Sun for your hair!

SACHAJUAN’s Hair In the Sun not only stays put during swimming and rinsing, but boasts a long-lasting UV filter to ensure your locks are shielded from sun damage whilst protecting your colour. The formula also contains SACHAJUAN’s famous Ocean Silk Technology which works to ensure your hair feels as beautiful as ever, no matter how long you’ve spent catching those rays of sunshine! 

SAHCAJAUN’s Hair After the Sun restores shine and moisture. This is a cream styling product and acts instantly to revive locks which need a little TLC after a long day enjoying a long and lazy sunny day at the beach or by the pool. 

SACHJAUN’s Hair After the Sun and Hair in the Sun

Scalp Concerns 

For lots of people, a change in the seasons doesn’t just bring sunny evenings and adventures, it brings scalp problems such as a dry and flakey scalp. Not the summer accessory you had in mind! 

The brand suggest using the Scalp Shampoo and Scalp Conditioner and where applicable, use the Scalp Treatment. This trio are the savior to all those silently suffering with scalp issues and you know what they say, not all heroes wear capes! 

No Matter what your Hair Concerns, Everyone Needs… 

An Ocean Mist. Perfect for all hair types to give you hair which says ‘day at the beach’ even if the weather says ‘stay indoors’. Spray onto finished hair.

For the ‘Just Been At The Beach’ Look. SACHJAUN’s Ocean Mist


If you would like to learn more about this beautifully designed and thoughtfully created brand please see our blog about their story.

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