A few weeks ago at Bath & Unwind HQ, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nausheen Qureshi, founder of the skincare brand Elequra.

Nausheen takes natural skincare ingredients and their amazing benefits, and in her lab she adds synthetic elements, creating a hybrid product that is a supercharged version of the natural product. The results of using these bio-designed ingredients are backed by incredible clinical trials. Below are a few of our favourite products …

Pure Balancing Cleanser

The Pure Balancing cleanser is made using Nausheen’s bio-designed tamarind seed, which is a powerful hydrator 40% more effective than hyaluronic acid, as well as fruit acids that help to increase cell turnover. It’s the world’s first acidic cleanser that is gentle, foaming and perfect for removing make-up, dirt, pollutants and any traces of the day. A good cleanser creates the perfect environment on the skin that helps your normal skincare routine work better for you. 

Layering Skincare with the Boosting P.H. Mist

This is by far our favourite product from Elequra. Use this between skincare steps, and it will boost the efficiency of the product you use next. The natural resting P.H. of the skin is P.H. 5, the boosting mist dramatically reduces the P.H. level in your skin, meaning whatever product you use next is boosted and performs more effectively than before. Layer this in your skincare routine, between cleansing and serums, but avoid using before creams or oils.

The Radiance Accelorator

A gel-based night serum designed to tackle pigmentation. Described by Glamour Magazine as ‘The latest innovation in bio-designed skincare’ and by the Telegraph as ‘The only retinol serum all women should use’, this serum acts as an instant filter for the face. Suspended in a gel glycogen-hyaluronic acid matrix, it uses 2 types of time-released stabilised vitamin C, bio-designed periwinkle extract and niacinamide to even out the skin tone, target dark spots and hydrate. It also uniquely uses 0.25% encapsulated retinol that releases over time, meaning this product keeps on working after application.

In Conclusion …

You might have gathered that we’re huge fans. There’s nothing quite like geeking out on skincare – and it’s even better when there’s real science behind the products!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for some videos of the inspiring Nausheen discussing her Elequra products, as well as giving us some serious skincare tips.


  1. those look really interesting.
    I think Im gonna try them out.
    franzi from powder brows

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