With the festive party season fast approaching, it is time to start practising your perfect party makeup looks now to avoid any disasters on the night and to ensure your makeup looks fabulous! This week at Bath & Unwind we have launched our new makeup category so browsing and selecting products has never been easier, and with our growing collection of makeup you will now be spoilt for choice! Over the next few weeks we will bring you some top makeup tips from our brands including New CID, DuWop, and soon to be on sale, new brand, Jane Iredale.  This week we are going to share with you how to apply false eyelashes.

ref=”https://www.bathandunwind.com/brands/New-CID/New-CID-Lash-Profeshional-Lash-Kit.htm”>New CID have a great collection to choose from depending on the look you want to create.

Here’s a step by step guide to applying your false eyelashes

1. Firstly measure the lashes against your eyes and trim to fit if needed.

2. I prefer to apply my lashes after I have applied my eye make-up as I find this easier but you can apply them before your eye make-up if you prefer.

3. Hold the lashes with tweezers and apply a fine line of glue along the strip.

4. Be patient! Wait 10- 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky.  This will help them stick to your eyelid.

5. Carefully apply your lash in the centre of your natural lashes with the tweezers and press down at the sides.

6. Take a cotton bud and lightly press down on your lash to ensure it has stuck to your eyelid.

7. Repeat on the other eye.

You should now be wearing your fabulous lashes but don’t worry if it didn’t work on your first application, keep practising until you get the hang of it! The end result will definitely be worth it.

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