Flawless skin is something that unfortunately not all of us have, but it is something that we all strive to achieve. Just in time for the party season, here we will show you how to achieve flawless skin with New CID cosmetics. With just four fabulous products, flawless skin will be yours!

Step 1

To apply perfect looking foundation start by moisturising well and leaving your skin for 5 minutes or so to allow the moisture to absorb into the skin. Now prepare your skin by using i – prime which will allow your foundation to glide on more smoothly and help your makeup stay on all day.

Step 2

Now apply i – perfect Foundation. Apply the foundation area by area, starting with the forehead, cheeks, chin then nose. Start in the middle of each area and blend outwards.

Step 3

For the under eye area use i – conceal Fluid Concealer. Apply with the built in brush and pat dry with your finger. Apply a little more to any areas that might need more attention like red cheeks or blemishes.

Step 4

For a slightly more matte finish use i – finish Loose Powder. Apply in light circles along the t-zone with a large powder brush. This will also give your foundation some real staying power. Read about how to create perfect smoky eyes to go with your flawless skin!

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