Top tips for makeup brushes

With the party season in our faces (or on our faces as the case may be) check out my top tips for makeup brushes and how to get the most out of them.

1. Get Started

If you don’t already use brushes, start building a collection. They give you a flawless finish to your foundation, perfectly maintained eyebrows, excellent eyeshadow and beautiful blusher.

I can’t live without my foundation brush! If you don’t have one, I suggest you try out the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Foundation Brush, for just £18.00, or 1800 reward points. I’m also a big fan of blusher, but can’t seem to get any control from the little brushes that come in my compact. Try out the New CID Chrome Blusher Brush, for just £28.50, or 2850 rewards points. Lightly press your foundation brush over your recently applied blusher. The remaining foundation on your brush will give you a ‘glowing from the inside out’ look, and prevent the ‘Aunt Mabel rosy cheek’ look. If you get what I mean.

2. Your Eyes Have It

Using brushes for your eyeshadow is a no-brainer. Remember that everyone looks at your eyes when they are speaking to you. So to get a professional look, you’ll need professional products. I use an angled brush for eye shadow, as I’m a bit of a stickler for precision. Try out the Korres Colour Angled Eyeshadow Brush. Just £18.00, or 1800 rewards points.

Don’t ever forget your eyebrows! They frame your eyes, so grooming them is essential. I use the Jane Iredale Brow Brush Combo, just £7.50, or 750 rewards points, on both my eyebrows and eyelashes. Girls (and guys, if applicable) remember not to over-pluck those eyebrows! Fill in any gaps with the right colour eyebrow pencil or powder, there’s no need to go too dark.

3. Keep It Clean

One of the most important things with your brushes is to keep them clean. Brushes carry excess product, oil and dirt from your skin. Avoid any nasty bacteria by washing your brushes regularly. I’ve just discovered the life-changing Bare Escentuals Brush Conditioning Shampoo, for only £10.00, or 1000 reward points. I use it once a week to stop product build up.

In between eyeshadow colours and for a quick-fix brush clean, I use Bare Escentuals Quick Change Brush Spray. Again, it’s only £10.00, or 1000 reward points. After you’ve washed your brushes and squeezed out any excess water, leave them to dry overnight, lying flat. To ensure even drying, leave the bristles hanging off the edge of a table. Make sure you don’t ever use wet brushes!

4. Go Mobile

I find it essential to carry a little bag of makeup necessities in my handbag. There’s often a need to touch up my makeup, or transform it completely from day to night if an unexpected event comes up. Instead of lugging around my foundation and foundation brush, I use a pressed compact, and the Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge, only £4.00 or 400 reward points.

If you’re not a fan of foundation or (like me) want to wear just powder on the weekend, you have to try out Bare Escentuals Refillable Buffing Brush, just £22.00, or 2200 rewards points. It’s awesome.

Remember that it’s just as important to keep the brushes in your handbag clean! Make sure you include these when you wash your other brushes, and regularly clean out any old make-up from your bag.

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One thought on “Top tips for makeup brushes

  1. Awesome tips, and you’ve just reminded me I need to clean my brushes aaaarrgghh…and clean out my handbag supply before heading away for the holidays! Can’t wait to read your next blog 🙂


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