As part of my new year overhaul I dedicated the first weekend of January to giving my home an early ‘spring clean’ and tackled the huge ironing pile that I have been avoiding! This task was made slightly more exciting (well, as exciting as ironing can be) with my new purchase of Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Linen Spray!

This eco friendly Linen Spray is delightfully fragranced with a bouquet of green fruity florals with cherry blossom, honeysuckle and amber wood.  Not only does it smell lovely and freshen your clothes, it also helps to remove wrinkles (less ironing required!).  To use you simply spray it directly onto your clothes before ironing or you can spray it directly onto clothes and fabrics to freshen them and leave the delightful cherry blossom fragrance lingering. I will definitely be using it on my summer clothes when I dig them out after a winter stored away! It is also great to use on bed sheets and towels in your home, comes in a large 500ml size bottle so it will last you a long time and is free of parabens and sulphates.

A welcome addition to the other Cath Kidston products I have at home and, as with all Cath Kidston products, I love the retro vintage style packaging.

Discover the Cherry Blossom range and more Cath Kidston.

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