Getting a good night’s sleep

The results are in, more and more of us are finding a refreshing night’s slumber hard to come by. With sleeping pills failing to cure long-term sleep issues (in a poll of those who take them, 42% have had problems for over a decade) the smart money is on aromatherapy and lifestyle-related solutions. We’ve put together a Sleep category, where you can find all the most relaxing products with the best blends of aromatherapy oils out there, plus check out our team’s tips for relaxing at bedtime.


There ain’t nothing like a Dame!

Speaking of relaxing – Angela Lansbury once said, “Make your bath special with soft towels and fragrant oils. Turn something ordinary into something special “. A girl after our own hearts, and currently doing a fantastic stint in the West End in Blithe Spirit. Go see!


Adapting the Oscar beauty looks for our own wardrobes

The couture beaded gowns may be a little beyond our bank balances, but working a red-carpet beauty look is a simpler way to make your wardrobe feel fresh. The jury is still out on headbands (we suspect Lupita may be the only one who can carry it off) but we’re definitely keen on swept-back chic as modelled by Naomi Watts. We’ll be using this MoroccanOil Large Barrel Brush (which has won its own award!)and L’Anza Healing Volume Spray to copy cat.

Rio Carnival-style colour

The festivities may be over but we’re still mad about these mood-enhancing colours from OPI’s Brazil range! Top up your nails with a touch of tropical or go beachy chic with their mocha shades.


Mother’s Day (Sunday 30th)

We’d be lying if we didn’t confess to wanting lots of these lovely gifts ourselves, check out our lovely round-up of the most indulgent treats that are perfect for much-loved mums. And…you!


The Bechdel Test

Like seeing feisty females on film? So do we. The Bechdel Test originated in a comic strip but has emerged as a handy barometer for films that give females proper billing. Its criteria? 1 – The film must have at least two women in it. 2 – They have to talk to each other. 3 – About something other than a man. Sounds simple, but surprisingly few pass – here are some that do.


Cream blush in coral shades

Giving a little natural bloom to tired winter skin with a creamy formula that blends for an extra dewy (not dry) flush. Try Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Cream Blush in its super-cute compact or Jane Iredale’s In Touch Cream Blush, which comes in a handy applicator and 5 gorgeous shades. Check out our tips for getting a flawless glow here.


Spreading the love

Need a positive pick-me up? Try Upworthy. It’s full of uplifting and thought-provoking features. We love this post about a mum who dressed her daughter as some truly inspirational females (and nope, none of them are Disney princesses).


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