blog-postThere is often a misconception that loosing hair is purely down to age, and when you are ‘of an age’, hair instantly becomes grey and fine. This isn’t true, in fact hair loss effects people of all ages and for various reasons.

Changes in hormones, diet, stress, illnesses, bleaching, colouring or chemical damage can all contribute to reasons why hair might start thinning, and it can affect people in their early 20’s right up to their 60’s so we’ve chosen some strengthening, thickening and repairing treatments to help combat hair loss.

If you’re in your 20’s and suffering, it could be a result of poor nutrition, stress or medication, so restoring, lightweight treatments are perfect for reviving the hair. We recommend the Korres Rice Proteins & Linden Shampoo, because it is packed full of nourishing provitamins B5 and vitamin B3 to volumise and densify; plus it’s not too harsh and suitable for daily use. We also love the 3 More Inches Conditioner which works to naturally rebuild every strand to reveal longer and stronger hair.

If you’re in your 30’s and 40s and experiencing thinning, the causes again could be hormonal changes, especially after having children as well as excessive heat styling or colouring. The Joico Cliniscalp Stimulating Scalp Treatment features a potent formula that is packed full of stimulating vitamin B6, and vitamins A and E to help boost circulation and promote hair growth. Another favourite is the Kérastase Spécifique Soin Densitive GL Texturising Spray, a brand that is renowned for its specialist, salon professional haircare. Ideal for long-term scalp and hair concerns, the spray rebalances and volumises.

If you’re in your 50 and 60s, your hair may have been through the wars; from bleaching, styling, changes in lifestyle and illnesses, there are so many reasons our hair begins to thin. Whilst volumising products are great, it’s important that we look after the scalp to ensure that each follicle and strand is strengthened and fortified so we’ve chosen a selection of products that really work to rebuild the hair. The Joico Cliniscalp Advanced Thinning Rescue is designed to rescue hair in advanced stages of thinning by increasing the oxygen supply to the scalp and delivering an intensive dose of nutrients. We also love the Phyto PhytoCyane Treatment Serum which is specially formulated for women suffering from menopausal or hormonal hair loss, however we would recommend this to anyone suffering with thinning or hair loss. With a botanical blend of grape seed and amino acids, it naturally repairs damaged follicals to reveal fuller, healthier, stronger hair.


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