blog-postWe’ve probably all had at least one spot in our life; some people are more unlucky than others and have to battle them for what seems like forever, it can sometimes feel like a never ending cycle of breakouts.

We understand that there are so many reasons that spots occur and whilst a healthy diet and lifestyle are known to help reduce breakouts, a simple, effective skincare routine can make the world of difference.

A gentle cleanser is where we recommend you start; harsh acne cleansers often dry the skin out and end up making the skin worse, so we recommend a soothing balm or antibacterial milky cleanser as opposed to a foaming gel. Something like the Ren Clear Calm 3 Replenished Gel Cream is great because it removes makeup and impurities without irritating the skin.

Secondly a serum or oil, yes oil is your friend. These help to rebalance the skin and stop it from producing even more oil, it’s like encouraging a self-treating cycle. They can also rehydrate, reduce redness and refine the pores. We recommend a lightweight oil like Trilogy Rosehip Oil; the tiniest drop can make the world of difference.

Now onto the spot-busting treatments. A targeted spot treatment containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be your best friend, and worst enemy. The trick is to acknowledge the blemish, but resist the temptation to pick it (this is single handily one of the hardest habits I have had to overcome), instead apply the treatment directly to the blemish and not over your entire face, and simply let it works its magic. We recommend the Gatineau Clear & Perfect SOS stick because it calms inflammation and dries out the spot, which dramatically reduces its life span and the likelihood of scarring.

We know that spots come in all shapes and sizes, they could be due to hormonal changes, sensitivity, or diet, and sometimes we just have no explanation for them, but we hope these tips have helped in some way or another.

Aside from the product recommendations, below we’ve listed below a few extra tips:

  1. Avoid touching your face – it spreads bacteria!
  2. Wash makeup brushes, muslin cloths and pillowcases every few days
  3. Choose non-comedogenic products that do not block pores
  4. Stick to what you know, don’t over complicate your skincare routine

If you take one piece of advice from this post, don’t let your breakouts define you; they’re part of who you are. Don’t be afraid to brave the bare face; sometimes your skin just needs to breathe.


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