Stage one of product haul reviewage: Korres Nail Colour in Coral Pink. I am glad I received this shade, even if it was no random accident, because it is not a colour I would normally wear or buy for myself. That being said, I am now converted, as I think it’s a really great summer colour, and it looks much better with my skin tone than I thought it would. For me, two coats did the trick to get really consistent and even coverage. As Korres say on the label, the nail polish leaves a high-shine finish, but my routine is to always use a base and top coat to prolong wear anyway, and in this instance I used Essie 3 Way Glaze, because I love one product that does two jobs. Here is the best shot I could get of the results today, although in person I think it’s a little more creamy coral/warm toned than it looks in that picture (flash on).

Korres Nail Colour in Coral Pink

I didn’t stop there, though. I had also recently ordered OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie, which is a multi-colour glitter effect topcoat. What I love about this polish is that the bottle is absolutely packed with glitter. Some glitter polishes I have bought have taken coats and coats to get a coverage that I am happy with. The picture below is just a single coat over my Korres colour, and wow! There are large coloured foiled pieces as well as small glitter, so the effect you get is nice and varied, and the larger pieces really catch the light (no flash in this image). I think this top coat would make me fall in love all over again with any of my old polishes, and I bet a few coats of it by itself would be even more bling!

Next week, I’ll be reviewing my Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cleanser, so stay tuned.

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