Bath & Unwind; we also have a range of home and personal care products. In our product swap, Annie selected for me an Opal London Stay-Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow. What she didn’t know is that I always feel the cold and even in the summer will spend my evenings curled up on my sofa under a blanket, so this was the perfect present.

The pillow is filled with cherry stones and you heat it in the microwave. You can use it to soothe sore muscles or, like me, hug it to keep warm. You can add aromatherapy oils to the pillow for an extra therapeutic benefit. The pillow can also be kept in the freezer for use as a cold pack – but that’s not something I will ever try!

I love my home to feel cosy, warm and relaxing and as well as this thermal pillow, I thought I’d share with you my other favourite products to treat your home with.

Neom candles are a fantastic indulgence. They have a beautiful scent which fills the room and there are fragrances to suit every mood and occasion. Complete the perfect scent challenge to find the ideal scent for you.

Neom Happiness Candle which we often burn in the office, filling the room with a blend of white neroli, mimosa and lemon. Candles have such a versatile use in the home. They can be used for a calm relaxing evening, a dinner party or romantic meal and in your bathroom when you want to indulge in a spa-like bathing experience.

href=””>reed diffusers. This may sound silly, but when I moved into my house last year, for several weeks I felt like I was walking into someone else’s home, because it didn’t smell like mine yet. Once I put a lovely reed diffuser in my hallway to take away the scent of what was previously an empty house, it started feeling like home and I could relax as soon as I stepped through the door. I’m completely settled in now but always keep a reed diffuser by the front door so visitors are greeted with a lovely scent. Why don’t you try the Ark Skincare Loving Diffuser with rose, jasmine and orange, to add a warm glow to your home?

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