OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Pack

Tilly's nails with OPI NeonI have to say, I was more than a little excited when I saw the new OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Pack. I love bright polish and couldn’t wait to test them all out!

The Outrageous Neon Mini Pack contains four mini polishes, Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Seriously Purple, Ridiculously Pink, and a base and top coat. The white base coat is to really make the colours pop; apply one coat of this and then pick your neon shade of choice. Impatient as I am, I tried them all out on my first go and painted each nail a different colour.

OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Pack

Being a big pink nail varnish fan, I would say Ridiculously Pink is my favourite colour, followed closely by Ridiculously Yellow. Neon yellow is not a colour I would normally wear but I love this colour as it is so different to anything else I have in my collection.

Tilly's signature

This pack is bound to be popular so don’t miss out!


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