glasto_1So you may have heard of this big festival that happens every now and then, where Kate Moss tramples around in wellies and a muddy Somerset field turns into a messy, musical playground. Yes, you’ve guessed it (the clue was in the title!), after years of daydreaming over BBC coverage from previous years, I finally made it to the Glastonbury music festival and boy, was it worth the wait!

Apart from the slight showers (and smelly pits!) I loved every single second of the spectacular weekend and I thought you beauty fans might fancy a look at what made it into my rather over-sized rucksack!

From word of mouth, and from previous festival experiences, I knew wipes had to go to the top of my packing list! Some cheapos for the spillages and toilet trips (LOVELY) and a bit of luxury for my face from Ole Henriksen. The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths were a perfect choice with a zesty, fresh fragrance (I can’t stress how nice this was after nearly 4 days in a field!) to instantly revitalise my complexion with no harshness from the cloth’s soft texture. They were so handy and quick to use whilst still leaving my face perfectly cleansed, morning and late night.

Next in my beauty backpack was my ‘I can’t live without it’ choice, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I just love this stuff and I keep it with me wherever I go. It was also ideal for spraying over my face after cleansing with the wipes as it locked in all the moisture and zesty freshness to keep my skin feeling purified.

glasto_2Now, because I went camping with a lot of male friends, a girl didn’t really get much time for her full-faced beauty regime! Plus, I wanted to give my skin a break from wearing quite a bit of makeup in my day-to-day working life. The last thing I wanted was a cakey face so I decided to take a BB cream with me for something light that still provided the kind of coverage I liked. This one from REN was great because – not only is it from a brand I trust and love – the more the colour blended, the more natural it looked as it matched my skin tone perfectly. It also contains SPF15, perfect for when you’re out in the sun all day (and dancing to Paolo Nutini).

Moving on to how I managed to tame my lioness hair in the morning! First things first was a little dry shampoo in the morning and, because I dye my hair a chocolate brown, I didn’t want to use one that would leave that horrible grey powder you can see so easily. This one from Alterna was great as it says on the bottle it’s translucent and it really is. It did the job and kept my hair feeling happy. I also couldn’t live without my Tangle Teezer, which I think is the best hair brush in the world! It’s perfect to brush out those tricky knots and is a great size for travelling with.

If you want a product that does everything for you then step forward the Phyto Huile Sublimante. This is an amazing elixir to take with you for your whole body, including your hair. It also smells like a summer holiday and made my skin feel luxurious. Love it!

glasto_3For something a little extra, and to get into the festival fever, I used a Kevin Murphy Colour Bug in purple for my hair. I just roughly applied it the the ends of my hair and set with hairspray and it worked a treat. Plus, if you’re going to rock the ‘dirty hair’ look why not add some colour? For my nails, I wanted something bright and playful so the new OPI Neon collection was a perfect choice. Particularly Life Gave me Lemons which is a bright, neon yellow.

Back at the camping ground, I suggest if you’re a future festi-goer to take some ear plugs with you – they will help drown out all the noise from nearby revellers. Plus, a little spritz of This Works Pillow Spray really helped remind me of my comfy bed at home.

As for the attire? The heavens did open so wellies and a mac were essential! Here’s a picture of me looking silly in the mud (oh, how I wish I was back there). Hope this has helped for all future festival-goers that it is possible to stay feeling fresh, even in a tent, or has at least inspired you to add a few more items to your summer wishlist!


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