Ruby & Ed Slippers

A problem with which other dog owners can sympathise – and certainly one that causes daily problems in our household – involves our 5-year-old working cocker spaniel, Indie. True to her retrieving breed, Indie loves nothing better than searching out the perfect object to carry around the house, and to her this means slippers.

Indie and slipperShe does not discriminate. Any slipper will do! In fact, since my wife and baby daughter Eva have recently come into possession of some luxurious Ruby & Ed slippers, we have had to be extra vigilant (particularly as I recently found one of my own slippers floating soggily in the pond. Presumably Indie felt the tadpoles needed a new home!)

Both the baby and adult slippers are beautifully soft and warm. Eva’s are a cute raspberry colour, easy to slip on and perfect for wearing when she is bouncing in her Jumperoo, one of her favourite activities. One word of caution for the adult slippers though, if, like my wife, you can’t always be bothered to change your shoes before putting rubbish in the wheelie bin or hanging out the washing, don’t do it in your Ruby & Ed slippers. Their soft                                                               soles are definitely for inside wear only.
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One thought on “Ruby & Ed Slippers

  1. These slippers look SUPER comfy!! I might have to get a pair! I should be OK because Dilly my Cocker loves collecting socks and putting them in her bed, maybe its because she’s now Ten and slippers seem like too much effort to carry…!


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