After an AMAZING, spectacular 2012, it’s time to celebrate this past historic year partying the night away. Oh yes, it’s almost time for one of the most anticipated nights of the year… New Year’s Eve! And what better way to get in the mood for this special occasion then with new treats for yourself.

Before a big night out, I always love to have just one (two… maybe three… six? Okay, ten) new, little indulgences to make me feel a little better about my repetitive, reliable outfit choice and give me that ‘Damn – I look good!’ feeling, without splashing too much cash on a new dress. So here are just a few of my suggestions and beauty tips for your getting ready regime.

Festive nails

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for nail varnish and love to wear at least 2 to 3 different shades a week, as I hate my old lady hands to look dull and plain. Before I begin adding colour to my nails, I use hand cream to soften the skin. Plus, it makes it easier to wipe away any slips or mistakes on your fingertips. A festively scented hand cream I’ve discovered lately is Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream. As a sensitive soul, my dry hands need softening regularly and this product instantly does the trick and leaves a sophisticated sweet orange, amber and vanilla fragrance.

At the moment, I love wearing dark shades which are perfect for this time of year and bang on trend. When I started working here at B&U, the new OPI Skyfall Collection came out, inspired by the latest James Bond film. With such excitement, I just had to try one of their dark shades. I chose Live and Let Die, a dark emerald green with a slight glittery shimmer. It’s perfect for my style and I love wearing it for evenings out or general days at work.

Another nail polish I highly recommend for this festive season is Korres Nail Colour in Deep Red. As you can see from the image on the right, it’s a gorgeous Christmassy colour and I was really impressed for how long it lasted with hardly any chips. I would definitely encourage people to add to their collection.

Dancefloor glow

As a pale white, pasty looking ghost, I do get the urge to fake tan every now and then, especially for an exciting evening do. St. Tropez has become a popular choice for self tan as it’s known to produce high quality results, so I couldn’t resist trying their Self Tan Bronzing Spray.

I love this stuff because it is exactly what I want – not too much of a heavy texture and quite a light, fine spay to use. To put it on, I usually use latex gloves or a mitt to rub in the mist. Even though this is a spray, it is still important to rub it in so it effectively works to the standard you want. No streaky business!

The spray is much more suited for fair people as it isn’t instantly a dark colour. However, you can build it up in layers if you want to go darker. Remember, you MUST wash your hands afterwards when you are done as they may stain and look orange (we don’t want that TOWIE disaster to happen do we!).

Makeup time!

A major part of my regime is, of course, putting on my makeup. One of my necessities is a black volumising mascara, to make my lashes look fuller and longer. I never go anywhere without wearing mascara, ANYWHERE! They really do work if you invest in a good quality one, like New CID i-flutter. And to finish off my face, I like to use a nice, pink blusher to bring out my cheeks. DuWop Blushbooster works wonders!

Don’t forget your ‘handbag must-have’ for the night… the all important lip gloss. Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Buxom Lip Polish is a good size to carry around with you. With some gorgeous shades to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you. Personally, I’m a fan of nude shades, so I’ve gone for a bit of Sugar.

Smell divine…with a glass of wine

A final touch to your New Year’s outfit has to be a gorgeously scented perfume. I recently bought Scottish Fine Soaps Boheme Eau de Toilette as a gift and to be honest, I was very tempted to keep it for myself. It comes in a beautiful bottle and smells lovely, with a sensual blend of musks, florals and crystal amber.

Also, the stylish Rituals Women’s Eau de Parfum Collection is not only a great gift, but it’s ideal to have if you (like me) get bored easily by just using one fragrance regularly. It includes 3 miniature bottles, each with a unique scent. These are also great sizes to keep in a small clutch bag.

Cleanse the night away

So the night has ended and you’ve arrived home, tired and with aching feet from those high heeled shoes. However, before going to sleep, it is SO important to cleanse your face properly, as all your makeup then becomes dirt. If left on, that can then cause dull, congested skin. Without a good cleanse, our skin can get clogged with dead skin cells. So before bed, I usually use Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Use it as a lotion with a few cotton wool pads, and wipe away to reveal a fresh face! Trust me, it’ll do wonders to your skin if done twice a day.

Happy New Year everyone!

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