Confessions of a makeup-phobe

I have an admission which as a woman is something I’m rather ashamed of. I’m in my early (almost mid!) thirties and don’t have a clue about makeup. In fact, skincare generally leaves me cold so I do a very good impression of an ostrich. If I don’t do anything I can’t be doing that much wrong can I?! Unfortunately, I’ve realised that although I still see myself in my (late) … Continue reading Confessions of a makeup-phobe

Ready to party this New Year’s Eve?

After an AMAZING, spectacular 2012, it’s time to celebrate this past historic year partying the night away. Oh yes, it’s almost time for one of the most anticipated nights of the year… New Year’s Eve! And what better way to get in the mood for this special occasion then with new treats for yourself. Before a big night out, I always love to have just … Continue reading Ready to party this New Year’s Eve?

Natural Father’s Day gifts

The man in my life is a vegetarian so it’s important to him that the products he uses are not tested on animals. He also doesn’t like the idea of rubbing things into his skin or hair that have harsh chemicals in them, so he always goes for a natural based product. I must admit, I am also now quite a sucker for a product that contains natural ingredients; they tend to smell really … Continue reading Natural Father’s Day gifts

Why is cleansing so important?

Cleansing is vital to a successful beauty regime. Without a good cleanse every day, our skin can get clogged with makeup, dead skin cells and dirt. Choosing to cleanse every day, twice a day, will help to boost your circulation bringing you a brighter, more radiant look. It will enable your moisturiser and all of its good properties to be absorbed better, and this will … Continue reading Why is cleansing so important?