Redken Guts 10The act of making New Year promises, whether to gods, employers or the wider community in general has been present in many cultures throughout history. These days however, it’s usually about living a healthier lifestyle rather than re-affirming a commitment to chivalry.

Mine, for example, are to get exercising so I have a bum like Jessica Ennis by December, and to be more adventurous with my hair and try out new styles (with the help of Redken Guts 10). I am hoping this year I can stick at mine past January 10th…

Below are the resolutions of the few Bath & Unwind HQ lot I was able to grab between Christmas and New Year.


This year, I would like to deadlift 20kg more than 2012. Also, to (continue to) not wear makeup.


href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>eye makeup and experiment!


On the advice of people in the office, I want to do more squats! And, in anticipation of my sore, aching muscles, I am going to invest in Badger Balm Joint Rub to see me through the pain.


To drink more water, start body brushing and exercise more regularly.


I must no longer obsess over Meatloaf.


Winter always dries my skin out, so I am aiming to moisturise once a week, (I’m pretty bad at this, maybe once every 3 months at the mo…). Plus, putting Philip Kingsley Swim Cap in my gym kit as the chlorine in the pool is not doing my hair any favours.


I want to keep my desk tidy and organised, finish reading Great Expectations and build the Airfix model I have had lying around for two years. Also, figure out how my hot water works so I can actually lie around in the bath test our products effectively… 

Good luck with your resolutions!

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