I have always been an exercise phobe, and I have always been happy to admit that. Recently, I found myself running the Bristol 10K with a few other members of the Bath & Unwind team. Now, what would possess me to sign up for something like this if I hate exercising so much, I hear you ask?  Well, I am (very, very soon!) off to Mexico for a week of sunbathing and bikini action, and although I have always been slim(ish), I thought I had better shape up a bit and get a proper bikini bod.

Now, sweating it out on the treadmill a few times a week is going to get you fitter and you will possibly lose a bit of weight, but ultimately it’s not going to tone you up. So, did I dedicate my soul to the gym and spend 3 nights a week training for the 10K, and then spend the other 4 nights dancing around in front of the gym mirrors with a big inflatable ball and weights trying to tone, tone, tone while trying not to look like a total fool? No, I can’t say I did… instead I got my hands on the Mama Mio Bootcamp For Tummies Kit for all my toning needs (after all, my stomach is the only place I really wanted to tone up a bit!).

Mama Mio’s Bootcamp For Tummies is perfect for anyone who wants to tighten and tone their stomach muscles – whether you have a post-baby tummy (and would rather have a mid-afternoon nap than drag yourself to the gym!), if you want to shape up for your annual summer holiday (like me!) or if you just want to be able to fit into *those* jeans again.

So, every evening (or every morning if you are that way inclined – personally, I rarely have time to spare after my morning shower), you firstly apply one pump of the Skin Tight Toning Serum all over your stomach area, followed by a pump of the Get Waisted Body Shaper. I was pleasantly surprised how little you need of both of these to cover the whole area. As I only needed to use these once a day for 30 days, I do have quite a bit left – so I’m going to keep using them until they are finished to help my tummy to look tip-top for a bit longer. The serum literally sinks in more or less straight away, so there is no waiting around before you can apply the Body Shaper.

Mama Mio suggest humming a happy tune whist waiting for these to sink in; I thought this was a cracking idea, but by the time I think of a happy tune, they have already soaked in and it is time to get dressed! Both of the products are a lovely addition to your daily routine. I quite liked using them in the evening as I found the fragrances soothing and relaxing.

The second part of the bootcamp is the exercises; these take up no more than 4 minutes of your time a day, but because you have to do them everyday for 30 days, they do require some dedication. You do these sitting down, so I have been doing mine in work. They are pretty inconspicuous – there’s no crunches, sit ups or jumping around on your desk, so you can just do them while you are carrying on with your work or watching the TV in the evening – and no one will even know you are doing exercises (apart from you!).

After doing this for 30 days, I can definitely say there are results. My tummy is smoother, more taught and I can do up my super tight jeans (which I must admit I haven’t been able to do for a while – but don’t worry world – I promise I will never wear them outside of the house!).

I am really happy with the results I have seen, and I would recommend this to anyone who just has that one main problem area they would like to concentrate on. Mama Mio also have bootcamp kits for Boobs, Butts and Arms, so they have solutions for most women’s problem areas. I am ready to hit the beach with confidence now. Mexico – here I come!


  1. hi,i was at a spa in fuirmont hotel in umhlanga,i heard about the product.im staying in durban

  2. Francesca

    Hi Bongeka, That sounds like a lovely place to stay. We’re not surprised that they would stock Mama Mio – it has got quite an international reputation and is a favourite with lots of celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Christy Turlington! We hope you loved the products as much as we do in the office! Francesca

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