For anyone who has ever found themselves standing in front of the mirror asking aloud, “Why won’t my hair just grow a few more inches!” (most of us, then) this is your brand. We’ve had a chat with the team at 3 More Inches to find out why their hair care products really do help add length to once stubborn hair and found out all about their practically magic Pre-Wash Treatment.

Hairdresser to models, royals and rock stars

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The founder of 3 More Inches, Michael Van Clarke, is one of London’s leading hairdressing experts, with over 30 years’ experience at the cutting edge. He has traveled the world looking after the most discerning clients, including nine Royal families, political leaders, models, rock stars and A-list film celebrities. He has worked with leading international designers for their catwalk shows, worked in photographic studios for top magazines, getting his first Vogue editorial at just 19 – and established his own unique systems to get the very best from hair. The Michael Van Clarke salon in the über-cool Marylebone district holds a record number of British Hairdressing Business Awards, including ‘UK Salon of the Year’.

Why isn’t my healthy hair growing 3 More Inches?

Most people have healthy hair at the roots but can’t grow healthy hair to the length they want. Modern lifestyles, heat styling, colouring, sun, sea – all damage and age the hair shaft which shrinks and decays. Most hair products today rely on silicone or other synthetic plasticisers to give a temporary cosmetic effect but which provide no nourishment or lasting protection. Excessive use of silicone laden products makes hair brittle and can actually age the hair faster. The 3 More Inches system is a genuinely protective and restorative hair care range created through years of research and testing in the most demanding professional environments. This revolutionary silicone-free treatment system with its cashmere amino acid blend, slows the ageing process to help your hair stay naturally thicker, and grow longer faster.

The 3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment

Our hero product has to be our Life Saver Pre-Wash Treatment. This wonder treatment helps slow the thinning of hair as it ages. Most people have healthy hair at the roots but can’t grow healthy hair to the length they want. This wonder treatment helps slow the thinning of hair as it ages. It helps hair grow longer faster by penetrating deep into the hair shaft, repairing broken bonds and helping protect hair from further disintegration. It combats hot styling, sun, sea and modern living which all damage and age the hair shaft to leave hair sleek and manageable.

“Best beauty product on the market! The Pre-Wash Treatment is my favourite beauty product by far! It really does work wonders” – Haley, Frock Me I’m Famous

What makes the Pre-Wash Treatment so special?

  • Cashmere proteins naturally rebuild the bonds in every strand to slow down ageing of the hair shaft
  • Helps combat damage from hot styling, sun, sea and modern living to give A-List hair more often, more easily
  • Instantly your hair will feel thicker, softer and stronger with healthy shine and swing
  • Gets radically better with regular use as you see less thinning, less breakage, less splitting, and less colour fade
  • More natural volume, easier styling, richer colour and vibrancy


The Pre-Wash Treatment can also be used as a professional styling product!  Just dilute one part Pre-wash to three parts water and spray liberally onto hair focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.  Scrunch for a sexy, beach look or sleek into a polished up do for a chic finish. Unlike harmful poor quality products, this unique styling treatment will repair hair while you wear it, allowing your tresses to remain stylish and healthy.

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