It’s no secret that anyone with an ounce of style will be coveting the 1960s sex siren look this season, so whether it’s a full Betty Draper makeover or just a nod towards Joan Harris (née Holloway) here are a few of my top tips for perfecting the most celebrated look of the year; Vintage Glamour.

Sparkling Eyes:

For bright skin and bright eyes, Korres 24 Hour Brightening and Illuminating Moisturiser (1) will not only give you a subtle glow but will protect your skin from wintery weather and the drying effects of central heating. Occassionally I prefer an eye gel to an eye cream; it’s cooling and soothing, will make your eyes sparkle and you can put it in the fridge which is a lifesaver the morning after the party! This Christmas I’ll be using Lubatti Sparkling Eye Gel (2).

Immaculate complexion:

The buzz word for this look is ‘immaculate’ so a  complexion Primer is a MUST for a big night out. The heat inside a bar or restaurant will do it’s best to melt away your beautifully applied make up, especially if you are throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Of course, you can use one primer all over your face, but it’s wise to choose one specifically for your eyes or lips to plump up any small wrinkles and creases.

Best for shiny complexions:

New Becca Resurfacing Primer  (3)  Minimises pores and creates a  mattifying effect

Best for eyes:

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer (4) Extends eyeshadow wear

Best Seller:

Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time (5) Our best selling primer

Full-volume hair:

Your ultimate accessory at any party is big, shiny hair. Be wary of using an army of products to achieve this – you will just weigh your hair down! Keep it simple with Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier (6)- especially good for thin hair, and Kevin Murphy Session Spray (7) – a catwalk favourite and one which certainly won’t let you down on a long night.

Natural glow:

To complete our Mad Men inspired Vintage Glamour ‘look’, minimise your bronzer. Your face needs to look fresh and dewy, so add a hint of tint to cheeks with theBalm Staniac in Prom Queen. (8) If you’re brave enough, finish with striking red lips to suit your skin, hair and outfit.  Elizabeth Arden (9) offer a large palette of lip colours that all have ‘stay put’ technology – a life saver when the drinks are flowing!

Top tip: Rub a little bit of Vaseline on your teeth before applying lipstick. Stains on your teeth after all that hard work would be a crying shame and something Don Draper would just not tolerate!

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