What first inspired the creation of the Murad brand?

We launched 21 years ago with the first line of doctor branded skincare – a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, collectively known as cosmeceuticals. Our revolutionary approach to skincare resulted in three skews to tackle wrinkles, pigementation and acne, paving the way for the development of our internal skincare approach.

Which Murad range targets anti-ageing?

It’s important to understand that we don’t all age in the same way. Murad recognise and treat three levels of ageing: Hormonal Ageing – caused by a decrease in skin enhancing estrogen; Genetic Aging and Environmental ageing – caused by outside factors such as stress, pollution and sun exposure. Age Reform is designed to treat the first signs of genetic ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, and is recommended for women 25+. For women in the early stages of menopause, Resurgence is designed to restore health and hydration. Environmental Shield has been created for sun-damage related concerns to help restore skin damaged as a result of everyday living.

Can you briefly explain the Water Secret?

Healthy, beautiful skin requires a multi-prong or what I call Inclusive Health approach for optimal results. The Water Secret is a truly new science – finding a common path way between ageing and disease. I always tell my patients that “eating your water” instead of drinking it is the best way to keep your skin and body fully hydrated, but there are so many factors affecting our health, especially cultural stress. We need to understand how these factors affect our well being and address it by staying as healthy as we can.

You have recently launched Murad Hybrids; how was this concept born?

We started with skin care and added a primer using both products use Adaptive Shade Technology, which works with light diffusers to make skin look healthy, regardless of skin type. Hybrids not only minimise flaws but they also improve the look of your skin over time.

What are the future plans for the brand?

We are now developing a number of Murad Inclusive Health Spas – the first state-of-the-art medical spa’s to offer a complete range of treatments, inspired by my extensive research in The Science of Cellular Water™. We evaluate your whole self to make you healthier by designing programmes which comprehensively address individual need for topical skincare, internal nutritional care and emotional self-care at the cellular level.

And finally our winning question by reader Jay Scales:

I’m going to be celebrating (if that’s the right word!!) my 40th birthday in less than two weeks, and I STILL get occasional breakouts! I seem to panic about spots one week and use products aimed at teenagers, and worry about lines the following week, and use the same skincare routine as my mum! How can I balance the two concerns?

As we age, a combination of hormonal changes and thinner skin make us more susceptible to breakouts. Rather than focussing on treating spots with harsh acne products, which often dry the skin further, I recommend the Murad Resurgence range, designed to hydrate and restore skin elasticity. Try Age-Diffusing Serum to improve skin texture, and Age Balancing Night Cream to boost hydration whilst you sleep, for noticeable results within 2 weeks – just in time for your birthday! Murad also has a fantastic Blemish Treatment Concealer to treat spots as soon as they appear. Not only does it offer lasting coverage – a dose of Vitamin A will regulate oil production to prevent further breakouts.

Jay Scales, West Yorkshire wins a Murad Renew Gift worth £27.

Interview by Lisa Hassell

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