Last week, I introduced the new series of giveaways we are running parallel to our new site launch. We had HUGE participation in the two we’ve just finished, our first Twitter Freebie Friday and our Ask Dr. Murad giveaway. Congratulations to all our winners! Your goodies are on their way to you as we speak. If you missed out last week, fear not, we aren’t done yet!

This week, I am back on the new site talking about a little known, but very helpful feature that we are in the process of adding to all our brand pages. I’m calling this the ‘Why we love…’ feature.

A good example can be found on the Aromatherapy Associates brand page. In the bottom left of their image, you will find the yellow link ‘Why we love Aromatherapy Associates.’ Clicking on this link will expand the page, giving an explanation of things like the brand history, strengths, features, and why we have chosen them as part of the Bath & Unwind collection. Each brand varies, and we want to help you understand each one.

When you are done reading, you can click the link again to hide the text, and continue your shopping! As always, if this doesn’t answer all your questions, you can always contact our customer service team who are on hand to help you shop with confidence! We are still in the process of adding this great feature to every brand page, so it is possible you may not see one on your favorite brand just yet, but they are coming!

Next week I will talk about something near and dear to ALL of our hearts…offers and promotions!! Stay tuned!

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