We all love finding a really good deal.

Our new site strives to showcase the offers we have available at many relevant points throughout the website, in hopes that if there is an offer you would like to take advantage of, you know about it. Perhaps the best place to see all our offers at any given time is our Offers page.

Here we list all our current offers, and you can view all the offers, sort them by category (Body, Face, Hair, Bath or Gifts) or view by a particular brand. It is the best way to see everything quickly, and may help you choose where to start shopping to get the best goodies!

On the offer page, and indeed most anywhere you see an offer, you can click on the offer text, and read more about it, link to the relevant area on the site, and see the T&C’s.

Offer page: Offer expanded

However, by no means is this the only place you can find an offer. While browsing the site, you will also see offers on the brand pages, in your search results, and shown on individual product pages. We want to make sure you never miss out on a freebie or discount on your favourite beauty products! Here are a few examples of where you might find an offer.

For instance, here is an offer shown on the Lubatti brand page.

While searching for Body scrubs, you might come across these items, all showing they have related promotions.Promotions listed on search results

If you decide to browse a particular product, you will also see the offer on the product page, front and center. Remember, you can click the offer text to find out more!

Offer on the product page

I hope this helps you find even more deals while shopping with us at Bath & Unwind!

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