Being the hair product junky of the office, I’m often called upon when someone finds their good old hairspray just isn’t cutting it any more. The reason why I have tried so many products? Well, for a start I was born with naturally blonde, fine and frizzy curls in my hair and have battled against it for most of my life!  Secondly, styling products have come so far in the past 15 years (can you remember your first hair straighteners??  Arghh!) and having not yet reached ‘hair perfection,’ I have kept trying and will probably keep doing so!

So I thought I’d share my favourites with you, in the hope you’ll find the hair salvation I’m sure many of you (as am I) are looking for…

One of the best hairsprays on the market – no stickiness, no crispiness, no dryness the day after. Just strong, flexible hold that brushes out easily and doesn’t make you look like Worzel Gummidge the next day. It also contains UV filters to protect your hair from pollution & colour fade, and leaves no residue after washing. We love it here at Bath & Unwind and so do you judging by the fantastic customer reviews we get for this product.

One of the best hair styling tools for short hair of all hair types, and a real favourite with men – we sell over 500 of these a month! As the name suggests, it’s a matte finish hair putty that gives a firm hold and a little goes a long way. This products also comes in a nifty pump dispenser to stop the product drying out once opened and also means you are less likely to use to much or have product stuck under your nails from scooping it out of a tub.

  • Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

This product is great for both women & men, straight & curly hair, and whether you are a real beach bum or not! It’s fantastic for adding real texture and fullness to your hair however it’s not drying or sticky like many similar surf or beach spray products available. You can either spray it into your hair and leave dry naturally (or use a low setting on your hair dryer) for relaxed, windblown waves or use a little on dry hair at the roots and scrunch or blow dry straight (with your head upside-down if you find it easier) to add real volume – this makes it also great for up-do’s.

  • Tigi Bedhead After Party

If you want smooth hair with zero fly-aways and find that serums are too heavy or add too much shine to your hair, this is the must have product for you! After Party is a crème formula rather than a serum, which makes it far more lightweight and therefore brilliant for all hair types including fine hair. It has a fabulously, fruity scent and there is an iridescent sheen to the crème which makes your hair look so healthy and smooth without excessive shine and makes it a great daytime product.

I often find natural hair products don’t quite perform as well as expected, however this is one super natural product that does exactly what it says and it’s clear our customers agree also! This is a fantastic curl enhancing cream suitable for use every day and on wet hair, and a little can also be added to the ends or on particular strands of dry hair for added separation and shine. This products really supports your curls without weighing them down, and is especially good for achieving bounce for those of you with fine curls. It also boasts UV protection to prevent your colour fading and is of course, 100% free of Parabens and other nasty’s.

What’s your favourite styling product?  We’d love to know so get in touch and leave a comment below…

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