Day 1 – I will admit I am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to skincare, the idea of applying multiple products morning and night, and a mask every now and then just seems like too much hard work! So when the opportunity came up of trialling a supplement tablet (from our new brand Oskia) that promises, not only to give you glowing skin, but to improve your nails and hair as well I was the first to put my hand up.

The pot contains 45 tablets and should last a month taking one or two tablets a day. I’ve decided to take one tablet a day and two on days I think my skin could do with a helping hand. The first thing I will say is the tablets are quite large so maybe not suitable for those who find it hard to swallow tablets.  

I should also probably state that I would classify myself as having combination skin. It can go from quite dry to spotty in what feels like no time. My nails are also prone to snapping quite easily so hopefully this is the answer to all my worries.

Day 5-7 – It’s been my birthday weekend which means long days of drinking and eating all the wrong things. For me it also means committing the cardinal beauty sin of wearing makeup all day and forgetting to remove it. Unsurprisingly weekends like this usually cause my skin to break out in spots and become oily. This time however not a single blemish.  Coincidence…. Or are the magic tablets really working?

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DAY 14 – No, my first spot since the trial began!!! So the MSM is not infallible but one spot in 2 weeks is still a personal best. Also I’ve not had a single nail snag or snappage which is completely unheard of.

Day 21 – I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed too much of a difference with my hair, perhaps I could say it is not falling out quite so much when brushing but I can’t say it’s turned sleek and glossy and I’ll be starring in any hair ads soon. Also I’ve had my first nail snap, sigh.

Last Day – One snag, one spot, one month. Not bad at all especially considering these supplements have had to contend with birthdays, hen dos, hang over food, an office bake off and a holiday.

So what’s my conclusion; the skeptic in me wants to say maybe I was just having a good skin month, however there is no escaping the fact that I have completely abused my skin this month and not had the usual results. They say beauty comes from the inside and it seems these tablets have managed to embody that sentiment. It makes sense that you would see longer, more effective results, feeding your body what it needs to produce healthy skin whereas using a topical treatment on the outside may have short term effects but is constantly battling skin suffering from malnutrition. I’d definitely be buying these tablets again.

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