Update Your Skincare For Autumn with Zelens

Why should we update our skincare in autumn? It’s important to adjust our skincare according to the season. In autumn we need to put the emphasis on the repair of the skin since during the summer we had a significant exposure to UV light and other environmental aggressors. The best thing after exposure to pollution, environmental aggressors and UV light is really down to good … Continue reading Update Your Skincare For Autumn with Zelens

MSM Supplements

Day 1 – I will admit I am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to skincare, the idea of applying multiple products morning and night, and a mask every now and then just seems like too much hard work! So when the opportunity came up of trialling a supplement tablet (from our new brand Oskia) that promises, not only to give you glowing skin, … Continue reading MSM Supplements

50 Beauty Facts

Here at Bath & Unwind we are continuing in with our beauty education theme, and sharing the 50 most interesting and useful beauty facts with you. 1. The history of cosmetic spans at least 6000 years. Some historians can even date back to the African Middle Stone Age 100,000 years ago, where they used red mineral pigments on their face. 2. Clara Bow an American actress … Continue reading 50 Beauty Facts

Dr Hauschka’s guide to picking the right mask for your skin

Choosing the right mask for your skin can feel overwhelming when there are so many options out there.  With this in mind, we asked experts in aiding long term healthy and youthful skin, Dr. Hauschka, to give us their guide on choosing which mask is right for you. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was founded in 1967 by Elisabeth Sigmund, a cosmetologist and Dr. … Continue reading Dr Hauschka’s guide to picking the right mask for your skin

Create your own make-up identity with New CID Cosmetics

Make-up can help us to feel like our best selves, be confident even when we’re having a difficult day and it goes a long way to helping us create our own identity too.  New CID‘s founder, Kelly Colman, has created a brand with this in mind and has shared with us what exactly inspired her to work with make-up. Kelly Colman, New CID Cosmetics Founder I believe … Continue reading Create your own make-up identity with New CID Cosmetics

Behind the brand… Gatineau

There is something inherently chic about Gatineau, which maybe has something to do with it having being founded in Paris, or it being created by a woman who devoted her whole life to beauty – or maybe a bit of both.  As it’s Gatineau’s 85th birthday next year, we thought it’s about time we got to know them a little better and it turns out … Continue reading Behind the brand… Gatineau

Top Beauty Tips from a Professional First Class Traveller

  This month at Bath & Unwind we’ve been talking all things travel, and if you’ve spent any time on an airplane, you know that it plays havoc with your skin. You start out feeling fresh, and you arrive at your location feeling dehydrated, tired and looking dull. We asked Gail to shares her tips, secrets and stories from working as a First Class Flight Attendant, if anyone … Continue reading Top Beauty Tips from a Professional First Class Traveller

What’s Hot in December

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues The eagerly awaited sequel hits screens on December 20th and by the beard of Zeus! Mr Ron Burgundy is looking like this year’s unlikely style icon. Call us crazy but we rather fancy channelling an opulent wine-coloured trouser suit – we’ll just spin it with some super high heels and a little bling. Perfect office party attire – though we’ll … Continue reading What’s Hot in December