Here at Bath & Unwind we are continuing in with our beauty education theme, and sharing the 50 most interesting and useful beauty facts with you.

1. The history of cosmetic spans at least 6000 years.

Some historians can even date back to the African Middle Stone Age 100,000 years ago, where they used red mineral pigments on their face.

2. Clara Bow an American actress from the 1920’s was responsible for the ‘cupid’s bow’.

Her signature look named after her is still a sort after lip trend.

Tip; a good lip liner is the secret.

3. Red lipstick does actually make you look younger.

The boldness of the red colour accentuates the contrasts between your features, which is a trait of a younger face. Duwop’s Private Cherry Noir Lipstick is Bath & Unwinds go to red.

4. Products that contain ingredients from the sea are especially good for your skin.

The reason for this is your body plasma is very similar to the mineral make up of the sea, so essentially anything filled with the sea’s natural goodness will have minerals in it your skin need, by using them you are then restoring your bodies natural goodness.

Bath & Unwinds’s marine favourites from Ren, Thalgo, Zelens, Guam and Noble Isle

5. Your hair is made up of keratin.

Keratin is a protein and each strand of your hair is made up of it.  Whatever your hair is exposed to; the elements, styling, washing etc. can affect the keratin. It is therefore used in a lot of hair products to effectively give back what it needs, and bulk up your hair.

6. 1 in 20 adult women suffer from Acne.

That is the medical condition acne, 50% of women in their adult lives reportedly suffer from an occasional breakout.  Spots aren’t just for teenagers.

7. Vitamin A treats cellulite and skin damage.

Try Alpha H’s Vitamin A 0.5% Serum  for your skin’s boost of Vitamin A.

8. Vitamin C protects from the sun and is an antioxidant.

Try Dr Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Brightening Serum for all the Vitamin C your skin needs.

9. Vitamin D reduces spots.

Try Zelens Power D Treatment Drops for the extra Vitamin D your skin needs.

10. n. Antioxidant: a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen, peroxides, or free radicals.

We see and hear about antioxidants in terms of well-being and beauty and that we should use them everyday, but what are they? In effect an antioxidant will stop any potentially bad molecules reacting in your bloodstream and causing infection or disease.

11. Vitamin E protects against ageing.

Try Gatineau’s miracle cream Collagene Expert Ultimate Soothing Cream it is filled with Vitamin E’s goodness.

12. An SPF can prevent the development of wrinkles

This is one of those things you hear celebrities say, that sunscreen is the reason they stay looking so young. A scientific study over 4 1/2 years proved so.

Shop our sun care range for all the best products to protect you against UV rays.

13. Rubbing your wet hair with a towel will cause your hair to frizz.

Ring the water from your hair using your hands, then using a towel pat it.  TIP – Using a thinner towel on your hair is better, some people swear by a light t-shirt.

14. The ‘2.25 Inch Hair Length Theory’ is true. 

Many hair care brands have used the 2.25 inch theory over the years…  it is a theory that will test to see if you will suit short or long hair. And it does work. Place a pencil horizontal under your chin. Take a ruler and measure from the bottom of your earlobe to the pencil, the diagram below should help. If it is 2.25 inches or under, short hair will suit you (you’re lucky as you’ll probably suit long hair too). If the distance is more than 2.25 inches, longer locks are more suited to you, avoid anything shorter than your shoulder.  Give it a go.

hair 2.25
The infamous hair rule, used by John Frieda and many famous salons and stylists

15. When washing your hair, work from the root down.

The part of your hair that produces oils is the root, this is where dirt starts. So start at the Work down to the ends if they need a clean, otherwise stick to the scalp and root.

16.  When you get to conditioning your hair, focus on the ends.

Start there and only work up to the root if you have particularly dry or damaged hair. If your hair is oily or gets greasy quickly, keep conditioner away from your root.

Joico, Sachajuan and Olaplex are 3 of Bath & Unwind’s hair care brands that are formulated to tackle your issues, just remember the above facts when washing, Shop hair care here. 

17. Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases for good hair.

Cotton pillowcase can pull on your hair when you toss and turn in the night, causing breakages or knotting, softer materials are much kinder on your hair and mean less bad hair days when you wake.

18.  Red hair is the thickest hair colour by strand.

However, they have less individual hairs than any other colours, at 90,000, Blondes have 110,00 and brunettes have 140,00.

19. Tweeze your eyebrow hairs in the direction of the hair growth.

Work with your brows not against them.

20.  The moisturising rules are; start with the thinnest liquid or formula first and build up to the heaviest.

After cleansing when you get to the moisturising stage, moisturise properly in the correct order to build the right base, used in the wrong order they will not be affective and can create a patchy look. Go… toner, then serum, then moisturiser, then a thick primer if you use one. The thickest layer should be last to seal in the products taking action underneath, and work as a balanced base for makeup.

21. Perfume scent will change  if left exposed to heat and sunlight.

Tip; Many people store perfumes in the fridge. However the key is keeping them at a constant temperature, taking them in an out the fridge won’t do that. A great place to store your fragrances is in a wardrobe or closet, they are generally dark and fairly cool and consistent in temperature.

22. Rubbing perfume on your wrists, will also change the scent.

23. Toenails should be cut straight across, fingernails should be cut to the corners/ rounded off.

Tip; Manicure scissors are better than clippers, as chances are the curve and length of the clipper doesn’t match your nail. You will have more control with scissors.

24. The first deodorant was available to buy in 1889.

It was called ‘Mum’, 15 years in 1903 later the first antiperspirant ‘Everdry’ was sold.

25. Pop your nail varnish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying it.

The cooled polish will give you a much smoother application. Once you have painted them put your wet nails in iced water, it helps speed up the drying.

FACT – Nail Polish originated in China and dates back to 3000 BC.  Shop nails here.

26. Up to 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

27. The average lipstick has 293 swipes. 

28. The average women uses 16 beauty products a day.

It’s easy for them all to add up; shampoo, conditioner, showergel, cleanser,soap, toothpaste, toner,serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher, mascara, lipstick, that’s 16 already, think of all the rest in a day…

29. Fair skin best suits nude and pink lips, and coral or pink cheeks.

30. Olive skin best suits bronzed or red colour lips, and cherry tones and bronzed tones for the cheeks.

31. Dark skin best suits deeper purple tones for the lips, and rich oranges and pinks with an undertone of purple for cheeks.

32.  We consume up to 4kg of lipstick in a lifetime.

That’s why it’s so important to use a lipstick with natural or good ingredients.


33.  The average woman spends 50 minutes a day preening herself.

That’s your time in the shower, doing your hair, make up, and all the maintenance throughout the day.

34. You have 150-200 eyelashes on your upper lash, and 75-100 on your bottom lashes, that’s a potential total of 600 lashes.

35. However you lose up to 5 eyelashes everyday.

36. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your body.

This is because it is the thinnest skin at just 0.05mm thick. Be careful of it.

37. The skin on the sole of your feet is the thickest.

It is 1.5mm thick, because of this you need to treat the skin on your feet differently to the skin on the rest of your body, use a pumice stone as an exfoliator and a specially formulated foot cream to moisturise (they are much thicker and more concentrated).

Margret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream is formulated especially for your ‘thick’ feet issues.

38. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s.

The only exception to this rule is during pregnancy.

39. Nail biting is called onychophagia.

40. Waterproof Mascara is more damaging for your eyelashes than regular mascara.

This is for 2 reasons, it dries your lashes, and is harder to remove meaning you are tougher on your lashes and eye area than when removing normal mascara.

41. In ancient Greece people bathed in olive oil and covered their bodies in fine sand.

It supposedly prevented sunburn and aging.

42. Coco Chanel made a bronzed skin tone the fashion.

After returning from her summer holiday sporting a tan in the late 1920’s, sun-kissed skin became a sort after look. Before this darker skin was seen as lower class as only those who were outdoors a lot had sun-kissed skin. Fairer complexions were preferred as they signified wealth.  Within a decade women were faking their tan’s staining their skin with tea bags.

43.  Heating your eyelash curlers before using the will give your lashes a bigger and longer lasting lift. 

Blast your hairdryer on your eyelash curlers for between 5-10 seconds. Check they aren’t too hot before using then. Then curl your lashes as normal and  then apply mascara. Voila… lashes with a bigger lift that will last longer. It works like a mini perm, the heat activates the curl.

Tweezerman are a cult favourite for eyelash curlers.

44. Use lukewarm water when washing your skin.

When washing your face, if water is too hot it will irritate your skin and can cause broken capillaries. When washing your body with too hotter water, it will strip your skin of its natural oils.

45. That also goes for washing your hair… 

Too hotter water will damage and strip your hair follicles, think how different your hair is in the hot sun, well the same heat principles still apply to water.

46.  Moisturise your skin as soon as you can after showering. 

The skin is more absorbent when a little damp, by moisturising soon after you’ll soak up the maximum hydration of the water and moisturiser.

47. Blue eyes best suit nude or natural tones on their eyes.

Blue eyes are a recessive gene, so less common, and although often brightly coloured  ironically are blue because they have no melanin or pigment in them, in theory no colour.

48. Green eyes, are best suited to browns or muted purples.

The least common eye colour, only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes.

49.  Brown eyes generally work with most shades, purples are particularly good. But they are complimented by blending a dark colour into the crease line to add depth.

Brown is also the most common eye colour in the world.

50. A little white highlight in the inner corners of your eyes will make them seem larger, wider and brighter. 

Tip; a highlighter or eyeshadow are best for this trick, many people use a pencil, but the dusty effect of a powder gives a more natural blend and gives a subtle effect. The white in this Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Pallete – Mineral Contour is ideal for creating this. This works and compliments all eye colours!

There we go 50 beauty facts that have hopefully, informed you, helped you and maybe even surprised you.

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