I’m going to be totally honest here (as I always am on this blog), I’m sure the lovely girls over at Green & Spring won’t mind me saying it. As someone who is used to using high performance skincare brands that deliver results within days to combat my skincare woes of fine dehydration lines,  rough skin, and occasional breakouts, I was a little bit sceptical of Green & Spring skincare and what it could offer me, even though I was really impressed with their body and bath lines. Well, I’ll hold my hands up,  I think I was being a tad judgemental because this capsule range is gorgeous and hard working. A superb balance of indulgence, nature and power.

Another favourite is the Gentle Face Refiner, serum-like in consistency, this product is massaged into clean skin, left on for a few minutes and rinsed off.  It can be used in conjunction with a facial scrub or on its own. Containing a combination of essential oils, botanical extracts and fruit AHAs ( think of these as dead skin nibblers) my face felt so smooth and even, and it was a refreshing change from sometimes uncomfortable scrubbing. I’ll be using this on my facial clients for sure as the results are outstanding.

My final pick, although a tough call, would have to be the Rich Night Cream. Don’t worry oily skins,  it’s not that rich. I’m not a big fan of night creams but this really suited my skin and contains all my favourite ingredients that keep the skin working hard throughout the night such as vitamin A and bilberry.  It does so much more than just moisturise.

All the products smell fresh and deeply botanical and of course reflect Green & Spring’s English Country Garden super stylish branding. A must for your face and your bathroom shelf.  I urge you to try it. Green & Spring skincare has just launched here at Bath & Unwind and is available to pre order.

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