A few weeks ago, you may have read my post detailing all the wonderful products I was taking on my last-minute holiday to Rhodes. Well I am back now, and I thought that I would let you know how my favourites fared. Surprisingly, both my faves were products I had never tried before…it pays to try something different occasionally!

The weather could not have been more perfect, 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky all week. That being said, I have to say my favourite product by far was my Ultrasun Family 30 sunscreen. I had never used Ultrasun before, as I tend to prefer spray sunscreens to rub-in versions. However, I believe this is my new favourite. It goes on clear, absorbs quickly, and has no unpleasant smell. Moments after you put it on and you don’t feel like you have anything on, which is a big deal to me, as I hate feeling covered in sunscreen. It lasts quite a while, and really did the job protecting us from the harsh Greek summer sun! I only wish I had brought another bottle, as my husband and I went through it much too quickly! Will definitely be getting this again.

The other stand out for me was the Joico K-PAK Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk. Again, a product I had never used before. While I was not overly fond of the scent, nice but a little heavy for my preferences, the results completely made it worth it and more. I abused my hair this week. I was in and out of an overly-chlorinated pool multiple times a day, combined with dips in the sea, salt water and wind, and all day in the sun to boot. By the end of day one, my fine hair felt like straw. After my evening shower though, I used the Sun Milk on towel-dried hair and combed it through, and when my hair dried it was baby soft and UV protected for the next day. I continued to use it throughout the trip, and my hair thanked me for it. I think it looks healthier than when I left!

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