Gone are the days of highlights and bleach blondes. This season is all about the redheads, from cherry to plum everybody is getting involved in the vibrant hair colours, including myself. I’ve been dark brown for so long that I was longing for a change, so I purchased myself a Vendetta Red from our Fudge Paintbox range some time ago, but was to frightened to go through with it  until now. I finely took the plunge at the weekend with a bit of help from my friend, but I can honestly say I couldn’t have been more happy with the results! However, I will advise this product should not be rubbed in to the scalp (again I learned the hard way) and make sure you cover all of your hair. I would advise getting help and not trying to do this by yourself, as it can be quite messy, and always use protective gloves when applying the dye and when washing the dye out. Fudge offers protective gloves for just 59p.

The Vendetta Red I opted for is a plum shade that would suit any skin tone, however if you want more of a fiery red like Rhianna or our Bath & Unwind customer Rachel I would opt for either Fudge’s Paintbox Red Corvette or Cherry Bomb. All of the Paintbox colours are semi-permanent so don’t worry to much if you are not happy with the outcome as it won’t last forever. I will say however, red can be addictive. I’ve only had mine a few days and I’m already planning on going brighter. Our Bath & Unwind customer Rachel was originally a blonde just a year ago, which she claimed would only be temporary but I honestly can’t see her red going anywhere anytime soon! Rachel and I are convinced: “Reds definitely have more fun!”

If you have any questions on going red or if there are any redheads out there that would like to share their pictures or have any tips please feel free to comment.

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