I can hardly keep up with all the new brands we’re introducing at Bath & Unwind at the moment! Here’s another fantastic one to add to our extensive growing collection…ARK Skincare.

ARK Skincare, launched in 2009, is defined by skin age rather than skin type. There are two main transition periods in the ageing process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. ARK divides its skin therapy into three ‘age appropriate’ product lines:

  • Age Prepare  (Teens to early 30s),
  • Age Maintain (Mid 30s to 50),
  • and Age Repair (50s and beyond).

Shula Starkey is co-founder of ARK Skincare Centres. Shula looked to her own family and noticed how their skin had matured and changed with age. Her mother, sister and Shula are 17 years apart and fall into those same 3 age categories, thereby representing the faces of ARK Age Aware Skincare.

The range comprises products for the face and body including a collection of therapeutic skin response serums plus a complementary range of home aromatics. At Bath & Unwind, we are thrilled to bring ARK Age Aware Skincare to our customers, as they are a new concept in British skincare and offer a unique approach. Made in the UK, all products contain natural ingredients, something which is very important to us here at Bath & Unwind. Read more about why we love ARK Skincare.

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