Team building: just another day at the office

At Bath & Unwind HQ, we have weekly team meetings, not an uncommon occurrence in most office environments. To keep people on their toes here, we have started throwing little team building activities into the mix. Usually 10-15 minutes long, they let us all relax a bit and just have a break from our daily projects and tasks.

Last week we all did the ever-popular “How tall can you build a tower using just 2 Metros, tape and scissors,” (you may have called it something else). We broke up into teams, and everyone had just 15 minutes to engineer the tallest structure. Here are a few shots of the lunacy that ensued. For the record, the tallest tower was over 2 meters 20!

Emily and her team's tower in the works

Team building

No fair, this tower was built on a table!

Really creative solutions to the problem.

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