Reviewed: Badger Balm Vanilla Madagascar Lip Balm

Badger Balm Vanilla MadagascarI love lip balms and, despite usually having a couple on me at any point in time, I think nothing of spending money on new brands that I haven’t tried, just to see what they’re like. One of my consistent favourites is Badger Balm, particularly in the Vanilla Madagascar flavour. I have bought this product at least six times, and always re-order when one is getting low.

If you are a regular user of lip balms, you may have found that some can be too hard to apply easily, go on a bit white or, very attractively, can collect in the corner of your mouth after half an hour (so it looks like you just stuffed your face with some kind of cake and didn’t make the effort to tidy yourself up afterwards).

I have never had any sort of problem with Badger Balm however, and when I started suffering from extremely dry and chapped lips as a result of some medication a year or so ago, it was this product that saved them, especially when I spent a week snowboarding in the freezing Alps. The balm goes on easily, is transparent and the vanilla scent is subtle. It really seems to hydrate and protect from the cold and wind. I hope they don’t ever stop making it!

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