At school we used to just call it a ‘bun’ and we didn’t particularly like sporting one because it reminded us of ballet classes and librarians (until we started jazzing our buns up with purple faux velvet scrunchies).

Now it’s called a ‘top knot’ and, much to my delight, has become somewhat of a fashion accessory. What’s missing from this outfit? I know, a top knot!

I don’t usually follow hair trends because I have such thin and sadly lifeless hair. I would struggle to achieve a fishtail plait or a statement fringe, but a top knot I can pull off. And so can you, because it suits all hair types and all face shapes, as long as your hair is long enough of course; a top knot being held up by a scaffolding of kirby grips kind of defeats the object of this ‘effortless’ style. Girls with bobs, you’re going to have to sit this one out.

And you have choices:

1. Sleek and shiny. Pull some hair oil through semi-dry hair and/or spray some hairspray on your brush before brushing hair smoothly upwards and fixing a glossy, neat little package on the top of your crown. This look is particularly good for the evening, especially when worn with statement lips. It packs as much punch as a vintage Chanel bag if you get it right.

2. Loose and textured. Let some wispy bits of hair fall out at the fringe or behind your ears. Use a dry shampoo or some sea salt texture spray to boost all over volume and knot size and to encourge waves. Don’t use a brush, just pull the style up with your fingers. I love this for the days when I just don’t have enough time to wash my hair. Second day hair actually works better with this style and is more likely to stay put.

Top knots are so pretty and so practical. At first you may feel a little exposed especially if you have been hiding behind those cascading shoulder length waves for the past two seasons. However be warned, this style becomes addictive when it allows you an extra twenty minutes snooze time in the morning!

My top knot essentials are Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and Bumble and bumble Shine On (and on).

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