Last week was the long awaited and much needed Bath & Unwind staff day out which, despite a few suggestions for an energetic day out at Alton Towers or Go Ape, consisted of a relaxing three course meal and a lesson in cocktail making at Goldbrick House in Bristol.

On arrival we were greeted with champagne in the bar, where we spent half an hour or so chatting and trying to switch off from work mode, before making our way to the restaurant for the meal (where some of us indulged in a few glasses of wine).

After sensibly lining our stomachs, we were given a lesson in cocktail making by one of the bartenders, and learnt how to make four classic drinks: the mojito, Tom Collins, cosmopolitan and margarita. We learnt about the origins of these cocktails and the spirits used to make them, which are rum, gin, vodka and tequila respectively. Obviously we had to see how they tasted, so a few of each were made and passed around.

After this we were each given the chance to head behind the bar and make a cocktail of our choosing; these were some of our choices:

    • Lee – Bloody Mary
    • Dave – La Louisiane
    • Julia – Black Forest Sour
    • Annie – The Winchester
    • Me – Old Fashioned
    • Tilly – The Goldbrick
  • Hazel – Damson in Distress.

We all had a really good day out, and it was nice to take some time out of the office to relax after a particularly hectic few weeks, and catch up with the people we don’t get to work closely with on a daily basis.

What we thought of the day:

” A nice day out, and a good chance to try a taster of all the cocktails and learn the history behind them.” – Tilly

“It was really nice to get out of the office, and relax a little with everyone during a particularly hectic week. I really enjoyed getting to sit with Mel, Tilly and Charlotte for lunch, as I don’t typically work with them as much, and it was good to have  a catch up.” – Julia

“I made a bloody mary, the perfect drink to finish off the evening.” – Lee

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