Working here at Bath & Unwind HQ, I have learnt a number of different beauty lessons. Probably the biggest one I have learnt so far is the importance of washing your face. Don’t get me wrong, I have always washed my face, but usually by just giving it a good scrub in the shower and then using disposable wipes to get rid of the mascara that was invariably all over my face.

That was, however, until I discovered Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Professional Cleansing Cloths. These have single handily changed my entire beauty regime, I love them! I always assumed all face cloths were rough, towel-like inventions that would leave my delicate face feeling a bit sore after use, but these cloths are super soft and super clever. One side is made of smooth, soft micro fibre that you can use to clean your face and help remove makeup, while the other side is a soft muslin cloth that is perfect for exfoliation.

Because of these, I now allow myself 5 minutes just before bed to fill up a sink with warm water and give my face a good scrub after removing my makeup. Since I have stopped using face wipes, my face doesn’t seem so dry and sensitive, and I feel I am doing my bit for the environment as I always felt guilty about throwing away the 5 face wipes that I had needed just to get rid of the post-shower panda eyes!

As there are 3 in a pack, I always have one in my bathroom and one in the washing basket, so I have a nice freshly cleaned one every other day or so. I am now a fully fledged face cloth convert!

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