Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m in the final year of my twenties and I have started to notice fine lines around my eyes. I’m not too worried, after all it’s from all the smiling I do, but it would be nice to halt those lines in their tracks and stop them from getting any more prominent.

Dr. Brandt is a popular brand that I hadn’t used before and was keen to try out, so I decided to use the Time Arrest Eye Serum.

The serum is applied twice a day, morning and evening. It has a subtle tingle and I can feel my skin tightening gently. A tiny amount goes a long way so this bottle will last ages – it’s great value for money. I’m using the serum more for prevention than cure, and it’s only been 3 weeks, but so far the results are good. It goes on really easily and is absorbed quickly, giving a good base for my makeup. I sometimes suffer from dry skin under my eyes but this serum has been very hydrating.

I’ve found using this product really easy to include in my daily skincare routine. I like my skincare to be as simple and easy to use as possible, otherwise I wouldn’t keep it up, but this serum has been great.

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