I have previously used pore strips to remove them, which you apply to your nose and leave for 10 mins before peeling off, removing the blackheads at the same time. It’s very satisfying to see the results, but these are quite expensive to use on a regular basis and I found I did not keep up with the routine.

Ater reading some positive customer reviews about the Tweezerman No-Slip Skincare Tool, I thought I would try this on my blackheads instead. I had seen similar products before but had always been put off using them as I didn’t have a clue how they worked. However, after my first use I was hooked and it’s now one of my favourite beauty items! It really does remove the blackheads and is simple to use.

It’s best to use the tool in the evening as it can your leave your face quite red. I use it after a hot shower or after steaming my face to ensure that my pores are open. Using a magnifying mirror I then press down the flat side of the tool directly over the blackhead and simply remove! It can make your eyes water slightly (no pain, no gain…) but the end result is definitely worth it. After I have finished I apply toner to my face and clean the Skincare Tool with boiling water.

The Skincare Tool is dual ended with one end for blackheads and the other loop end is for removing whiteheads. If you suffer with black/white heads I would definitely give this tool a go. You will not be disappointed (although it has become slightly addictive for me!).

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